Plush Preorder End

Hey guys. I’m stopping the pre orders on the plushes unfortunately! These were only limited edition, and we had orders roll in over the week which was great! These will be dealt and posted out as soon as possible! Enjoy guys :)

Never know, something special one off like this may happen in the future! But once again, thanks for the support! YOU ROCK!


The Mochis!

The Mochis is an annual award show held on the day of FGS that recognizes the year’s very best Flash games. Nominations are now open for any Flash game created in 2011, with winners emerging from nine different categories.

Help nominate Space is Key for the Mochi awards next year! It’d be an honour to be able to get Space is Key there, so let’s get it done!

Head over to to nominate!

If you enjoyed the game, help vote, as every nomination matters, and we can do it!

The game can be played here on this site at

Nominate for the categories you feel is fair, and thanks! Who knows, maybe you’ll get a sequel soon too?

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Platcore Plush Dolls!

Hey guys! Quick update to say that PLATBOT DOLLS HAVE LANDED!


I’m actually going to do a limited edition run on these Platbot dolls to. They are handmade,  screen printed felt, and around 4″ tall. There will be 11 of the 29 full set Platbots to choose from, as you can see below!

So grab one! I’ll be throwing in free stickers and magnets for the first 10 pre orders too! So grab them whilst they’re hot :)

I’ll be taking orders for around a week, so act fast!


Head over to the pre order form!


Hey guys! Quick update on Platcore really. We’ve just released our first promotional animation on it, although this shows no gameplay, it ties in with the game nicely, and gives an overview on what Platcore are really like!

NCH done all the animation for this, so a huge thanks for that! And his friend Skybase did the voice acting. He suits the advert perfectly I think!

So Platcore are advertising some of their products that are in testing for public consumption and this is the AP-10 panel rifle. Unfortunately for you, you will face this weapon in the game soon!

Platcore is an up and coming platform-survival game where your aim is just to stay alive!

It’s a shame you can’t buy them, I think it’ll be a nice investment for my house. Not that I have a problem with postmen!

As for the development in the game, it’s coming along nicely. Syncing up the tracks and allowing a nice difficulty curve has been the most time consuming as it involves a lot of testing and monotonous work! But that aside, it’s nearly done, and will be in your hands as soon as possible! I’ve been working as hard as I can to get this to you guys ASAP!

Oh, and have a little Platbot. Cute eh?


Platcore, Platcore, Platcore!

Platcore Title

Hey guys! For the ones who don’t follow me on twitter/facebook or know me well, you won’t know about Platcore that much! It’s a project I’ve kept in the dark a little bit, but for good reason, it’s going to be a blast! I’d like to tell you guys a bit more about it, as it nears the end of the development cycle actually.

A test room with two turrets. Not a real level though!

A test room with two turrets. Not a real level though!

What is Platcore?! Well Platcore is going to be a platformer/avoid style of gameplay, you play as a Platbot which is a testing robot for Platcore, and Platcore will be using you to test out their newest products, which come in the form of things which aren’t exactly your friend (Lasers, turrets, even bigger lasers, and evil things!). You play in a test chamber and your sole aim is to stay alive and survive the testing procedures, remember though, your robot is dispensable so there are MANY robots to play as if yours gets destroyed.

It will be synced in with music, however, we’ll have to trust Platcores music tastes for that one! I’m sure they like good music, right?!

Platcore - Playable menu, run around and have fun on the menu screen, yey

Platcore - Playable menu, run around and have fun on the menu screen, yey

I’m expecting to have this fully done by the end of the month so you guys can experience the full game very soon! But a few things held be back (good things for the game though!) I usually post little things of facebook and twitter if you like/follow me. Enjoy!