Scramball Worlds

Hey guys, just a quick update on Scramball worlds! I’m pushing for a January release. It could be late January or even the beginning of February after talking to sponsors and such, but yeah, it won’t be long.

Also I’ll be releasing some gameplay footage in time aswell! Maybe make it into a little preview/trailer. So watch this space for that!

Here’s another picture to keep you’s going!

Jungle World

Jungle World

Support us!

I’ve followed the crowd! I’ve got a facebook page for us! Please show your support and join, I’ll release the same stuff as I do on here, as often as I can!

Show your support!So yeah, click the big thumbs up and please support me! Thanks :)

Scramball 3?

Hey folks! As I promised, a sneaky screenshot of the new Scramball in development! It’s going strong in development, hopefully end of this year release, if not January next year!

But yeah, extremely excited about this, I’ll probably let a few of you guys playtest it when I’ve got a build I’m happy with, and yeah, NCH is amazing, huge props to him.

Well! That’s all I can say really, Enjoy! I'[m keeping it short and snappy because I really want to release so much of it! Stay tuned for more :)

Underwater World

Underwater World

London Calling: Mochi London 2010

Guys! It’s about time for our London Mochi meet-up! This is the 3rd meet up running and it really can’t be missed.

Any uk developers out there? You have to get yourself along! We’re a nice bunch..honestly! It’s a great opportunity to learn things, ask questions, even if your new to the world of flash games, then it’s a great chance to find out what’s what from some successful UK developers and network with developers alike!

Head over to the mochi forums and reply!

Also if you go, say hi :)