New content!

Hey guys. I’ve honestly got loads of new content to show you for a project I’m working on! Really don’t want to give too much away as it’s early days, but it’s going to be the last of it’s kind.

Well I’ve collaborated with NCH yet again for some fun. So far it’s honestly looking great, and once I’ve got stuff to show you I will!

I’d love to reveal more, but I don’t think I’m going to for a little while till I’ve slapped it together!

Keep you eyes peeled, this one is actually going to be a bang!

But yeah, I’ll keep this posted before anything else and watch out!

Konami Code

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter.  Type it, I dare you.

Thought why not get it hooked up! Never know, it may be even in future games! ūüėČ


Konami Code

Flash Thieves!

We all know there are some thieves out there, that want to decompile your flash projects, reverse engineer them and pass them off as their own! Every developer has to worry about their projects being stolen due to the sheer availability of software out there that does all the work on unguarded SWF files.

This is where flash encryption comes in to play! My personal opinion is that there is no perfect fix for the problem, however their are some ideal fixes. Wrapping your SWF in a lovely warm blanket of obfuscation and encryption couldn’t be easier nowadays using some leading software.


I’m going to point your eyes today at¬†SWF Protector, which is currently in it’s 3.0 at the moment! It’s developed by the guys over at¬†DCOMsoft.

Going to keep this short, sweet and to the point! I’ll dive in with why it should be used!


– price

Cost is usually an issue, especially with indie developers! At the end of the day, the majority aren’t making huge amounts of money and don’t really want to spend the big price tags on leading software. Well this won’t break the bank at all.

– pretty simple and reliable

I never bumped into any problems at all, no crashes or anything! Does what it says on the tin!

– cross-platform (Linux, Windows Mac)

Self explanatory really. Great news for developers on multi platforms!

mass protection (it can protect several SWFs at once

Absolutely life saving when guarding all those old projects that are cluttering your desktop! Saves hours of clicking.

If your like me, releasing a game into the wild is a lot! And it’s nice to have that piece of mind that there is a wall between your source code and a thief!

From top to bottom, it’s safe to say that this software is going to protect your SWF files! Head over to their site¬†DCOMsoft with the code:¬†LKPRTC-TRTW and snag yourself a 20% saving!

Follow the guys at twitter to hear all their little updates and keep your SWF protective head up to date!

Highmere brickwall

Hey guys, just doing a little post with regards to Highmere! Me and NCH have rather hit a wall, with regards to storyboard writing and writing the scene for the game.

Basically for game development to begin, we’ll need some input from someone who has creativity to help fuel ideas for the next scene and the story board to go along with it.

If you can do it, or know anyone, please drop me an email! The development of Highmere has been a right pain due to the fact of little creativity in the sense of story boards.

So, I’m officially having to put this project on hold until we get some outside help!

However, still other buns in the oven! Let’s see eh!



ChrisJeff V2!

Howdy folks! You’ll have probably already noticed what this posts going to be about already! BUT in case you haven’t noticed (Don’t know how you¬†possibly¬†could!) I now have a shiny new logo in the top right!

The website got tweaked a little to suit the colour scheme, thus V2 was born!

So yeah, that’s all I’ve got to say. I’m going to tweak up the site, update some pages and more within the next few days! Then there might be a¬†surprise¬†in stock in the next month or so!