I’m alive, just reminding you.

Hey Guys! Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything on here!

Well I’d firstly like to say, I AM ALIVE. It’s been like 5 months since I’ve posted anything, so yeah!

Hmm, what’s happening in my world ehy? Well I’ve got my laptop all up and running and I’ve been doing a bit of commission work to tick me over however I’ve had to put highmere on hold due to creativity issues! (Anyone who’s good at writing a story line and scenes, please contact me.)

I’ve got a platformer in the oven, which is going to be new, fresh and unique! You’ll see more of that soon when I’ve got tangible graphics to work with!


I’ve also got a new logo. This will be incorporated into the design of this website, so things will be changing soon! As well as this will be inside all my future games! It’s qwerky and pretty cool.

So yeah, that’s the update! I promise I won’t be a stranger anymore, I’ll keep updating when I have new things to say!

– Chris.

Laptop broke = no work done

I’ve had a few weeks outage in development. About 2 weeks ago my laptop completely died, the screen has came off it!

However, I’ve ordered a shiny new laptop, but It’s going to be made and delivered in around 2 weeks!

Alienware M15X All Powerful

Quite a bit of time to wait, I know, But it’s going to be worth it! It’s a lovely Alienware M15X. I figured, why settle for mid-table laptops that are going to break and be outdated in a short time. So I unleashed the money and splashed a little bit!

Store opening!

I’ve gave it some thought. And decided to open my own little online store. I’ll be designing some T-shirts, Posters and Badges. Don’t want to delve in to any other merchandise, I think that’ll be cool enough!

Basically the idea came across when I was wanting a custom tshirt made with my logo, website and maybe some unique scramball design on. Zazzle seemed like a pretty good option for me to create the T-shirtas they we’re cheap and seemed like really good quality!

However! After signing up, it said I could make a ‘mini store’ where I could also sell my designs. So I thought It’d be a neat idea to give you guys a chance to buy some of the stuff too! I’ve knocked the profit down so I don’t make anything and the prices are at their lowest possible.

The main idea for a custom tshirt was for the visit to Casual Connect Hamburg in February! Can’t wait!

Anyway, the store should be added within the next few days, enjoy!

Casual Connect Hamburg 2010!

casualconnectHey guys!  February marks a pretty good year on the calender for me. I’ll be attending this years Casual Connect Hamburg!

You can’t dream the amount of excitement I’m having about it. It’s going to be amazing!

Anyway, I’ll be there from the 9th up to the 12th (Maybe the 13th If I’m lucky). So If anyone wants to meet up and have a chat and a few beers about anything, just drop me a line!

I’ll be hanging out with the Mochimedia guys on the Mochi boothe for a bit of the time as well, So you can swing by and say hi!

Hopefully Highmere will be 100% complete by the end of January So I might be showing it off and talking with some sponsors!

Inactivity and update

I haven’t exactly created and released a full game in a few fair months. Makes me feel kinda inactive!

However! I promise you 2010 will not be an inactive year from me. Your going to see quite a bit of me, I’ve got plans for a fair few games. And hopefully if they’re as good in flesh as they are on paper, then we’re in for a little treat!

Just a heads up anyway. Also! Highmere, It should be getting pushed for released the back end of January. I’ve had a few commitments lately with work and such, it’s hard to find time to do other things as well. But it’s nearly done!

I’ll post more or other projects and keep you guys updated anyway. All the best for 2010!