Highmere is born!

Thought I’d update you guys on the ‘untitled game’ I’ve been working on recently. Well it now has a name! It’s going to be called ‘Tales of Highmere’.

The first chapter is going to contain two scenes, both of which are relevant to the story of Highmere! It’ll be born in a few weeks hopefully; just finalising the first scene at the moment. I can verify it’s going to be full of point and click action, may require some lateral thinking as well. Shouldn’t end up being too hard, but I’ll get certain people to test it, to ensure It’s suitable for all!

Not the final menu. But pretty much finished! *Could change a bit*

Not the final menu. But pretty much finished! *Could change a bit*

Introduction to Highmere: Highmere is a village colonised by Elfish folk. It isn’t a large village. The village has a few residential houses but apart from those, there’s nothing much to do, apart from the surrounding mountainous area and forestry.

The village is home of the infamous Tasitar, the eccentric. He is an old-ish man, full with folk tales and has a huge knowledge on the history of Highmere.

I’ll post more soon!

Untitled game in the making

Hey guys. I haven’t been active much recently. However! I haven’t been doing anything. I’ve been stirring up a concoction of point and click styled flashy goodness with NCH.

Basically it’s your simple point and click game play, similar to that of the hapland series.  It’s going to be in series’, with a deep adventure attached to the story. I haven’t got too much to reveal now, but it will be coming in parts hopefully to tell the whole tale.

The graphics and animation are awesomely done. Really happy about how NCH has done them.

It should be fully completed and tested within a few weeks so I’ll be keeping posted about it.

Meanwhile feast your eyes on a teaser.

Great art, and great game play will accompany it.
Great art, and great game play will accompany it.

Click the picture to view in full.

Mochiads Traffic Share Program

Haven’t been too active lately. But the inactivitys came to an end! I’m planning on releasing a few helpful posts full of information about experiences with sponsorships, monetizing and distribution so stay tuned.

Well i’ve pondered on the Mochiads Traffic share program for a while, looked at it and it all seems full of pro’s! I mean i’m not losing anything at all, and gaining a bit of traffic here and there surely can’t be a bad thing.

So I whipped myself up a neat little ad; overall it’s simple but contains the relevent information and it’s kinda fun looking:

Ad for Mochiads!

Uploaded it a few minutes ago, and I’ll more than likely post on my experiences and results when they become more accurate.

To partake in the Mochiads Traffic Share Program you need an account with Mochiads, then it’s on your dashboard, click the link and you’ll have it set up in no time.

Then after that your ready to go. If you have any problems you can consult the FAQ too, it’s pretty handy.

Addicting games, Bigfishgames and another project

Great news! Both Addicting games and Bigfishgames have aqcuired licenses to Scramball2. 

This means within weeks Scramball2 should be on both of their sites! This is good news for the overall distribution of the game as both these sites are key players within the flash game industry. Both are huge!

Just thought i’d give you guys an update. If there’s anymore news i’ll be sure to post.

Also, the other project. Over the past few weeks i’ve been working alongside an artist in making a point and click, hapland styled adventure puzzle. Hopefully should be done in a few weeks.  Once there is more made i’ll make a post with a few screenshots, so i’m pretty excited about that.