A bit of reflection. Then and now!

I’m not really sure why this was brought on but I was talking to Rob from Miniclip earlier today and ‘Heli attack’ was mentioned. Somehow this triggered feelings. REAL FEELINGS!

So Heli Attack was a game I played a lot in School and people who I went to school with know this too ’cause they played the hell out of this game as well!

This game literally dominated PC usage time when I was in school.

This game literally dominated PC usage time when I was in school.

Thinking back during school (From about 12-15 I’d reckon) I used to play flash games during ICT instead of doing work, or when I’d finish. Heck, if the teacher let us on computers during a lesson, it’s guarenteed some games would be loaded up and minimised when the teacher checked up on us.

What’s completely insane to me is, I never in a million years thought I’d be in the position I am in now which is pretty much developing games for the front pages of websites I used to frequent when I was a kid!

So yeah, it really got me thinking back to kind of how lucky I feel to have fell in this industry really and it proves that if you put everything you have in to something and run with it,  you can do anything.

With all them feels floating around I’d just like to give a nod to anyone I’ve worked with and to people who I’ll eventually work with and most of all, you guys who’ve backed my projects and played them to death! :)

Now have a goofy picture of Sushi cat and me!


Expanding on this a little bit more after some Facebook discussions. Someone I know from the Paintball industry (I play tournament Paintball too) told me when he was in school he used to destroy and break things belonging the teaching (What a git! haha) so the teacher would be confused to why it works. Irony has him in the position where he’s a tech for a Paintball firm, he fixes things…

It’s pretty funny how whether you like it or not, School is going to shape you into what you are, even when you didn’t mean it to! Most clever hackers who hack NSA/FBI end up working for a company to help them better their security and what not.

I’m not sure where this leads but it’s definitely a pretty interesting topic like! Care to add anything?

End of the world? Make a game!

After being on Google Hangouts with Alex and Skybase back in december, I had a bit of an idea after we spoke about the end of the world. Surely the end of the world couldn’t happen on Friday anyway, I want sushi on Sunday and I can’t be missing that! (Totally didn’t miss it either!)


From the get go. We knew this bloke was up for the job!

So, what if it is the end of the world? It’s probably best to make a game about it, right? BINGO!

I totally didn’t believe in it, it’s ludicrous to be honest. So we thought we’d go along with the ‘ludicrous’ theme and imagine if something completely out of the bloom would happen. You know, like if you TV stood up and growled at you or even your fridge growing arms and chasing after you. It’s probably as likely to happen as the end of the world so why not!


Now this is what I mean about something ludicrous. This makes no sense; JUST THE WAY I LIKE IT!

After brain storming some stupid ideas I thought I’d be best to go with a mini brawler kind of game, especially since it’s not something I’ve ever done but absolutely loved since the Sega Megadrive.

So this idea has been in developed since the end of December and it’s really came quite a way, pretty fast too! I’d say I’m mostly done with the whole game apart from starting to balance out the gameplay but this is definitely something that should be out by the end of the month so I can start fixing some bugs in Above Average Guy and get that baby launched!

This was initially supposed to be a GameJam style game and done within a week MAX. But once we missed the deadline, we started to just start pumping tons of cool stuff into this game and really expand it into a fully fledged game just instead of a little laugh.


Brawler with a hint of lime. By lime, I mean strategy. I didn’t really mean lime.

The game itself as a brawler was pretty fun but for some reason Alex decided we needed more. So we ended up putting five ‘deployables’ which you buy when the wave is clear and also deploy them on a clear wave before it starts up. This rage from kick ass sentry guns to bear traps that clasp enemies and not let them go. Seriously, beating up a fridge that can’t move seems to be pretty relaxing!

The game so far has three shops being a pet shop, an upgrade shop and a deployable weapon shop. These are the dodgy guys who sell you the goods. Are they brothers or the same person? I really have no idea!


Brothers or the same bloke?

If you follow me on twitter you’ll know I usually ramble about this daily too and post the odd screenshot of what I’m doing. So If you’re into that hit up @ChrisJeffGames

We also decided to call the game ‘There goes the TV’. You heard it here! 😉

Chris’ Top Ten! 2012

I thought I’d compile a list of the top ten flash games I’ve played in 2012! There have been tons of great games, bucket loads worth of innovation so it’s really hard to condense a list to be honest! But – Over the whole year, I think I can knock it down to the top ten I’ve played. Here it is! In no order too, it’s too hard to do that as they’re all bloody brilliant games. Let’s say they’re all number one, within a top ten :)

Berzerk Ball 2

This game has really snuck in at the end and it’s a game I’ve been really enjoying on my Galaxy SII. I think it’s definitely one of the better games in 2012 and deserves to be here! The Bezerk guys really know how to make a fun game.



Burrito Bison Revenge

I’d honestly feel like a moron for not mentioning this as it came out pretty early in 2012. The Juicy Beast guys honestly have nailed it again with this one. If you’re into distance games, this is definitely the cream of the crop!



Infectonator 2

I remember playing the first one back in 2009 I think it was. and even from then, it shined out as an amazing game! Now, it’s just came such a long way and is definitely one of the best in 2012.



The Last Stand: Dead Zone

The Last Stand is definitely one of the games you think of when Flash Games are concerned. It’s been a successful series for quite some time. Since like 2007 or something if I remember rightly. And Con Artist games really did it again and stepped it up a notch! I didn’t expect for them to expand the gameplay that much when I heard this was going to release. Action/Strategy and RPG all in one pot!

 Hanna in a Choppa 2

This makes the cut because of it’s design. I absolutely loved the first one of this game and when I saw the 2nd released, I was pretty damn excited. This has to be here. Enough said.



Zombotron 2

A brilliant action game right here. I remember actually being in love with the feel of the game and the games visuals when I played it back in July. Although you’ll only play through the game once, you’ll thoroughly enjoy it! This is just one of those games that I really wouldn’t change at all given the chance.

Super Adventure Pals

So I actually didn’t want to put this here as Jay is a good friend of mine. But I really had to! What a bloody good game, so much content jammed in to a flash game doesn’t happen a lot in this industry and I think Jay and Julian absolutely nailed it with this platformer-based action/RPG. Well done guys!

Okay I lied. It wasn’t even a top ten! So it was a top seven. That’s not bad though, don’t be upset!

I really didn’t want to bulk this out with some definitely great flash games, that I didn’t enjoy. I just wanted it to be the best of the best that I personally enjoyed as a whole.

Here’s to 2013! :)

Christmas wrap up!

Wow, it’s been a year already! I can’t believe it.

It’s really been an eventful year for me this year I’d say – let’s round it up!

  • Finalist at the Mochi Awards for Space is Key (Action category).
  • Released Space is Key 2
  • Released Platcore.
  • Released They Took Her – Won Mochi 60 second competition with it.
  • Successfully ran Mochi London 2012 (Was beyond words, amazing event!)
  • Ported Space is Key to AIR and included Space is Key 2 in with the mobile version (Unreleased).
  • Developed Above Average Guy (Unreleased, polishing at the moment!)

And to wrap it up I’m developing a quick brawler game too. If you’ve not seen anything, feast your eyes on this!

Super sneaky peak at the new brawler

Super sneaky peak at the new brawler

All in all, I think it’s been a great year and I really want to double what I’ve done this year and make 2013 even better. So thank you all for the support and I wish you the best Christmas ever! All the best :)

Ho ho ho!

December recap!

I think I’ll start doing these every few months as these are a good way to sum up everything I’m doing to be honest! I generally only blog when I’ve made good progress with a project and I’ve always got other things on the go so here it is!

Above Average Guy

So this project as you’ll probably know is coming along brilliant! Currently it’s pretty much done, all levels have been designed, there are like 40 levels which are essentially micro-puzzles with a badass boss who is a nightmare unless you work out his pattern. So talking about bosses, I’ve seen a lot of bosses over the year that are random and it seems to be a little about skill but mostly luck. I’ve just done things how they used to be, how I grew up with, which is all pattern. If you figure out the bosses pattern, you’ll be able to kill him pretty fast. I think this is how most bosses should be done, it’s fun figuring out what he does and how he reacts I personally think!

The boss has been pretty glued in to how I wanted it, but his environment wasn’t. This is the final environment for the boss!

Above Average Guy is in it’s final steps as I said then, really hoping to tie this up within a week, as it’s mostly just bug fixes. Everything runs great! A little polish on gameplay and it’ll be all good. I’ll probably end up releasing a trailer for it like I usually do, and MAYBE pretty soon I’ll post up the intro animation to the game which I absolutely love. Alex (NCH) done an amazing job with this and it sets the scene to the game so well!


Space is Key Android + Space is Key iOS/Android 1.1 update

If you follow Space is Key mobile version you’ll know that I’ve been porting it all over AIR so It can be used on both Android/iOS. This is great news, cause’ I’ve really been wanting to get an Android version out this year but never got around to it, so with AIR I’m just killing a load of birds with a massive shotgun. S0 at the moment this is also pretty much done! It’s been fully tested on a few Android devices (Galaxy S2,S3, Nexus 7, HTC EVO 3D) and a few I can’t remember their names. To point out! The builds are universal, so it’ll work on any size screen (Tablets or phones), which I think is pretty cool!

It’s the iOS build that’s taking a little bit longer than I thought, doing a bit of optimisation with it and after a long mess on with iTunes connect and the whole certificate process with Adobe AIR, I think it’s finally cleared up! So this really shouldn’t be long either.

I showed this off before but the new titlescreen rocking Space is key 2 and Hell! 

New project!

So currently this project isn’t named. Even though I usually try and tie up a name really quick, nothing is set in stone yet. So this is another game I’m teaming up with Alex on and it’s going to be a side-scrolling, survival/defense kind of game. Have that short genres! In essesence you’re a dude based in a forest and the unknown is attacking you, it’s a wave based game and you’re blowing the crap out of things to stay alive!

It’s still pretty early on, I’ve done a lot of the games logic and engine and Alex is mainly plodding on with making it all look pretty. BUT, here’s an exclusive little peak! :)

A peak at the new game I’m working on! As you can see, it’s a pretty dark game. I wonder what you’re surviving against?! It’s not zombies!

It’s always good to be working on a few things at once I feel, really gives fresh perspectives to how you’re doing things and not just lost in a single game. So that’s it really! I’ll update you guys more when I have more to say :)

Also if you haven’t voted for Platcore and Space is Key for a Mochi award. I’d really love you if you did! Seriously, you’ll have my love, internet style! Thanks guys! :) Click me to vote