Mochi London 2012 – Better late than never edition!

Mochi London 2012 – Better late than never edition!

In this write up I’ll try not to mention Nando’s too much. Seriously! I’ll try. Of course, this is the better late than never edition as I also aimed to get this write-up out as fast as I could but I’ve been super busy since Mochi London so I only had time to write this pretty slow! Sorry!

Mochi London you say?

Of course. Mochi London 2012! For me to see how this event has evolved is just mind blowing, especially considering what the event was just two years ago! It’s really ramped up- it’s been great to have everyone involved and an amazing room full of enthusiastic attendees. With that out of the way, if you’re still scratching your head a little, I’ll go into a bit of detail.

So it all began in 2008 – in a fashion that was way different to the Mochi London you’re seeing now. There was Ernesto Quezada (Games Garden), Rob James (robotJAM), Carl Trelfa (The Podge) and one or two other community members (I’m sorry if I left your name out! I do remember your faces though :)). It was an excuse to drink (can’t complain!), we went to a few pubs and even drank on a boat (never again…). Although we did talk about game development and the likes for a bit, it was mostly a low key event but it was perfect! Not in a million years would I have thought it’d turn into what it is today though!

With the support of Mochi Media we’re now a 2-day event for the Flash games community members that promises to be bigger & better than ever before. 2011 was a blast, and 2012 really topped it in my books! I think that’s the best thing about Mochi London and why I find it more enjoyable that any other event I’ve personally been to. We keep it real- we’re both developers so we know what we’d like to hear and see from the industry, and we deliver just that! I love sitting and watching all of the presentations from developers and industry folks that we want to hear from, makes it all worth it :)


So, who are we?

I’d say ladies first, but Ernesto isn’t a lady, nor am I really. So being all noble and that, I’m going first!

So I’m Chris Jeffrey, I’m an independent game developer from the UK.  I’ve been using Flash for like 6 years or something like that and I’ve been focused on developing games for around 3 or 4 of those! I took the ol’ leap of faith early last year and quit my full time job to do what I love, all this stuff! I’ve developed games such as Space is Key, Platcore, They Took Her, Scramball and a few others. I generally develop free browser based games, however I’m starting to make the move into the mobile and desktop space as well!

You can usually see me posting rambles on my blog and twitter. Oh and did I say, I love Nando’s!
Ernesto Quezada is a Games Developer/Publisher from El Salvador. He moved to London in 2002 and has worked professionally as a Flash Developer for companies like Gamesys, Evolution Gaming and Playtech, and currently works for a cool start-up as a Lead Developer. He lives in Canary Wharf with his girlfriend and baby daughter Nicole who is already being trained to become a games developer like her dad :)

Ernesto likes Casinos a lot too. He didn’t write this, but he does!


Meet the Speakers

Chris Jeffrey (ChrisJeff Games) and Jay Armstrong (Jay Armstrong Games) – Who Are you trying to impress?

Colin Cupp (Mochimedia) – What’s new at Mochi!

Iain Lobb (Dull Dude Ltd) – Super Gun Kids: The Making Of…

Tom Vian(SFB Games) – Screenplay

Rob Donkin and John Donkin (Bad Viking Ltd) – Bad Eggs Online: Our Eperiences with Multiplayer & Microtransactions

James Pearmain (JIMP/ Freelance Video Game Artist) – Game Aesthetics & Branding

Stuart Allen (FunkyPear) – Simple Verlet Physics for Games

Tom Krcha (Adobe) – Adobe Gaming Solutions

Rob Davis (Playniac) – Beat the Post-Launch Blues: Your Game is Out, What Now?

Rob and John Donkin getting ready to speak!

I sought out a right bunch of speakers for the day! Everyone was absolutely brilliant, and there was a lot of diversity. One highlight for me was JIMP’s talk on game branding and aesthetics. I think it was great to see things from an artists point of view really, as last year we didn’t quite cover that.

This goes back to the idea of us (the organisers) getting in speakers we’d love to see ourselves – developers and artists that are doing a lot out there, but don’t normally speak at events. It’s getting the talent out there for the Mochi London crowd which really makes it all great.

I’d love to be able to talk about each of the presentations but I would just go on for ages! In short, amazing presentations!


How’d the day go?

In my eyes, the day couldn’t have gone any better! We really hit what we wanted to in terms of the main day. We had a brilliant bunch of eager folks just waiting for the day to begin!

Registration in the morning! Badges, badges, badges!

We had a decent turn out (approx. 65) and the speakers more than delivered, lots of questions, lots of fun!

Smiles all around before the day kicked off!

After the event all wrapped up, we ended up going to ‘The Coal Hole’. I think it’s got a funny name and it’s pretty local so it’s ideal to head over there after the day! We ended up with quite a few people there and it was great to speak with a load of people too.

Ernesto and Steve having some serious banter outside ‘The Coal Hole.

I know I said I wouldn’t mention Nando’s but I actually have to here. I got my wish this year, we went to Nando’s! Ended up with quite a few people there in a little cave. The next day wasn’t so good though, a few of us had a dodgy stomach!

Day two is where it’s at!

In keeping with Mochi London tradition, we had a low-key pub meet-up in Leicester Square (Yates’). It’s an okay pub and you know what you get from there! Kinda like a Wetherspoons I guess.

In Megadev fashion, we played lots of UNO on Sunday!

As usual we had a few drinks and talked about game development in general. But not so usual, we played UNO. Lots of UNO! Thanks to Jon over at Megadev, we ended up making our own rules up and had a good laugh really!


We hadn’t played UNO enough. We needed to play more!

The UNO play continued to the next day as well. It slowly became the theme of whole event…


I know what you all want… Presentations!

Yeah, I know why you’re reading this. It’s all for the presentations! Whether you didn’t get a chance to come out the event, or if any presentations were so good you needed to see them again, here you go:


You have footage!?

We have footage! Well – we’re sorting through it but check back and it’ll be all dumped here!


Final stuff

So I mentioned Nando’s more than I should. Oh well!

I’d like to thank the Mochi Media guys (Colin and Stacey) for the help again, I mean without them, this wouldn’t be what it is today really.

With that said 2013 anyone?!

Anything you’d like to say about the event please let me know! Certain talks you like, what you’d like to see or even anything you weren’t really keen on! Throw them in your nearest bin, and by magic I’ll get them! No seriously, either throw me an email through or @ChrisJeffGames on twitter!

Mochi London and!

Mochi London 2012 is this week! I can’t freaking wait! If any of you guys are headed there, do come and say hi, don’t be shy :)

When I’m back next week I’ll also follow up with a round up of the event, y’know, as I did last year. All in good fun!

So this year is a bit different too. Jay Armstrong will be speaking! To be honest, I don’t do much public speaking, I don’t think Jay does either. But it’s going to be pretty cool! Our presentation is called ‘So who are you trying to impress?’ and we’re really focusing on our experiences with ‘They Took Her’ and what we learned from it all.


So… Who are you trying to impress?


In other, pretty awesome news! Space is Key now has a website. It’s been long due to be honest, as I’ve always had plans to port it over to other platforms. But it looks like this may be happening sooner than I thought! I’ll update you guys as I go along, y’know I always do :) CHEQUE EET OUT! SpaceIsKeyDotCom

FINALLY! Space is Key now has a site, thanks to a good friend Dean Murphy!

A bit of everything

Lots and lots have things have been happening over the last month! I thought it’d just be better to do a super big post and run through lots of stuff!

Eleventh Hour

So Eleventh Hour actually hit front page on Kongregate and on Newgrounds which is great! It’s always good to see the game up their – thanks to Tom and Greg! :)

It’s actually got a much better reaction from the Kong and NG crowd than it did from the Armorgames players. Which I find pretty interesting – A lot of the Kong feedback was pushing me to make something of this idea and pursue it more (Which me and Jay have ideas for, it’s just finding the time we’re both able too). I’m hoping in a month or two we’ll be able to sit down and nail something and not just a quick game! :)

I’m totally thinking a zelda meets fallout style. I mean, this prequel will set us up perfectly 😉 Lots of RPG elements; Crafting, EXP, Skill tree, nice inventory and quests. Time will tell for it!


Wow – bet you haven’t heard this name for a while, right?! Bloody hell.

So yeah! After months and months of talking to a few sponsors and getting things sorted out – it’s all finally a done deal and ready to release (I’ve just got to add a little tutorial then boosh!) I’ll let you guys know when it launches though, as I do! I’m hoping it’s this week – if not, definitely next week!

Am I seeing things?! Platcore is ready for release?


Above Average Guy

It’s a shame this got put on hold for Eleventh Hour and then after that Platcore got sorted out! So this game has been on the backburner for a little while now sadly. BUT, I plan to pickup everything in a week or so and it’s pretty much done to be honest. All I’m doing is designing a few more levels to keep a decent amount of content in it, then we’ll be good for that!

I’ve got everything crossed that the process for sponsorship won’t take as long as Platcore! (Nothing in the world can to be honest!) :)

We’re waiting for the show to begin! HURRY CHRIS!

Mochi London 2012

Now this has turned in to a biggie! We’re looking at 101 registrations already – for our ‘Saturday only’ ticket, we’re completely sold out! I mean, it’s looking like it’ll be huge and so much fun! Can’t wait for it!

I also might be talking to – who knows! Me, I guess. But yeah, I’m thinking about it. I’ve got a decent topic that is interesting and I’m going to go for it (When it’s all nailed down, It’ll be released and also update the registration page on it)

Tom Krcha (Adobe) also confirmed to speak last week which is awesome! We’ve also got one more speaker due to confirm too, I’ll let people know on twitter and all that good social stuff.

So there are actually 9 tickets left as I write this – I urge you to run over there and get it all fully booked!

If you made it to the bottom, you rock!

Mochi London 2012!

So it’s 2012. Last year I promised I would try my best to make Mochi London even better in 2012, and I really think I’ve gone in the right direction! Some great talks from some great people in the flash development world, and with last year, I moulded the event to appeal to me (As a developer) so it’d appeal to as many people as It could! And I think we’ve done it this year also! :)

It definitely wouldn’t have happened without Ernesto Quezada who has been organising Mochi London with myself from the beginning! And then with Mochi coming along and helping us, it’s just making everything unreal! So I’ve got to say a big thank you to Ernesto, Colin and Stacey in particular for everything too :)

So if you don’t know, Mochi London is a two day event (Conference on Saturday and Pub on Sunday). With support from Mochi Media, this 2-day event for Flash games community members promises to be bigger & better than ever before!

Who should attend:

  • Game developers- Flash, mobile, or otherwise
  • Flash gaming website and portal owners
  • Flash artists
  • Flash game service providers
  • Anyone interested in the Flash games space and can make it to London!
Speaker and sessions:
  • Iain Lobb, Indie Game Developer – ‘Super Gun Kids: The Making Of…
  • Tom Vian, Co-founder, SFB Games – Screenplay
  • Rob Donkin, Director, Bad Viking Ltd – ‘Bad Eggs Online: Our Eperiences with Multiplayer & Microtransactions
  • James Pearmain, Freelance Video Game Artist – ‘Game Aesthetics & Branding’
  • Stuart Allen, Indie Game Developer, FunkyPear – ‘Simple Verlet Physics for Games’
You can see more detail on the speakers topics over on
We’ve also got our last speaker who I’m waiting for confirmation on that I’m super exited about too so :)

Go get registered now! It’s going to be fun and informative. If you’re in the industry, it’s something you shouldn’t miss at all!

Mochi London 2011 Write Up


What is Mochi London?

Mochi London has been held for 3 consecutive years now as a community-driven Flash game developer meetup averaging 8-12 attendees, and has traditionally resulted in open conversations with regards to Flash game development. Ernesto Quezada and myself have been to every single one, with Ernesto serving as the organizer the past two years. Well things changed in 2011 after Ernesto and I had a little conversation- we wanted this year to be bigger and better than before!

Who are we?

I’ll start off with myself! My name is Chris Jeffrey, I’m a Games Developer based in the United Kingdom. I primarily develop on the Flash platform, however as of late I’ve also started porting games over to iOS & Android platforms as well. I’ve been using Flash for around 5 years in total and developed games casually for approximately 3 of those years.

However! More recently I’ve actually made a bold move and actually left my job to go full-time indie, so I’m really looking forward to having the chance to devote all of my time to development. Apparently the content I throw out can be somewhat successful, ranging from 4-8m impressions in their life cycle, but if you want to know more and hear me blabber, I’m also on Twitter and Facebook.

Ernesto Quezada is a Games Developer/Publisher from El Salvador. He started using Flash in version 4 back in the late 90’s. In 2002 he moved to London. After learning a bit of English, in 2005 he went on to get his Masters degree in Digital Media at the London Metropolitan University. Even though he’s been working professionally as a Flash developer since 2006, his graphic design background still stops him from moving completely to the dark side so he’s still a bit scared of the command line which, anyway, he uses at work on a daily basis. He’s created about 30 games in the past 10 years (and has drank a lot of tequila on the way…). Check out his portal over at

First meet up in 2008

First meet up in 2008 - Oh the times!

Why London?

Exactly! It’s what I ask myself. Personally, Mochi Newcastle seemed much more appealing (I live in Newcastle). Honestly though London is a great place and we thought it would be a more convenient location for the majority of people, plus it has the added tourist incentive for people to see the sights and such. Previous Mochi London meetups have generally been with developers in and around the London area, so we didn’t feel a need for our 4th event to be anywhere else!

The Venue

Ernesto, the London local (and official Mochi London tour guide) received a really good tip on this one. After he checked it out and shared pictures of it with the rest of us, we knew right away that this was the right place. Plus, the venue itself was relatively close to a tube station and a pub. Perfect, right? The inside was just right for the crowd we’d anticipated, it seated everyone pretty comfortably without people being too cramped or too spread out. Kings College London also catered the event, which meant that we didn’t have to get catering from another vendor.

So a big thanks to Mochi with helping us out with the venue, food, & beverages for the event! :)

The line for munch! Nom.

The line for munch! Nom.

First steps

We started to discuss potential ideas of ramping up the meetup and getting it to a level where we could potentially attract more attendees than just the regular handful. We toyed with the idea of getting sponsors and going down that route of making it more of an official conference than just a meet up, but that whole idea didn’t really appeal to us, we wanted a more official meet up, however still cater to the whole idea of it being by developers for developers. We settled on the idea that it would be best to get Mochi Media directly involved, especially since this was coming directly from their community! However, we still wanted to keep the whole conference style and not just sitting in a pub, so we threw ideas around about getting a venue and speakers and making a whole day out of it.

We were moving in a different direction from the typical meetups, a direction that I was really excited about! That said, we still liked the idea of our pub meetup (Being from Newcastle I guess maybe?) So we ended up including the pub portion as well and made it a two day event to keep with Mochi London tradition.

Merlin Gore - Importance of personal branding - As you can see, I'm all branded, Huzah!

Merlin Gore - Importance of personal branding - As you can see, I'm all branded, Huzah!


Once we had the idea locked down, it was time to get the event pumped with solid content that would get the Flash games community excited about the event! For some, this can be a pretty daunting and time consuming experience- trying to get quality speakers with content people actually want is no easy task. My approach: I kept it real simple and just thought of what I’d want to hear! Sounds a little egocentric, but I’m an indie developer and I know exactly what I’d want to hear and from who- so why not get them to speak!? Makes sense, right?

We ended up with a pretty strong line up of speakers, with content that covers a wide variety of topics within the Flash games industry. Perfect in my eyes!

Day 1 schedule!

Day 1 schedule! - Look how far we've come!

We ended up with a pretty strong line up of speakers, with content that covers a wide variety of topics within the flash game industry. Perfect in my eyes!

  • Iain Lobb (freelance Flash / ActionScript developer)
  • Stuart Allen (developer of Gravitee Wars)
  • Martine Spaans (Ubisoft, formerly of SPIL Games)
  • Michael Hudson/Steven Gurevitz (CodeHeads/2002 studios)
  • Merlin Gore (Flash developer,
  • Mike Jones (Platform Evangelist, Adobe Systems)
  • Colin Cupp/Ryan Nichols (Mochi Media)

On the day

A few of us kicked off the day a little earlier in order to get set up and also to ensure that everything was in proper working order. Registration opened at 9:00am and it wasn’t long after that when we started to see people arrive! Personally I felt really great when people started flooding in, as beating 8 attendees for a community event is a milestone for Mochi London ;). And they didn’t stop- we ended up with about 50+ people eager for the antics that the day would bring, in the form of presentations of course.

Mochi London 2011

Mochi London 2011 - All the happy faces :)

I honestly feel the day couldn’t have gone any better, unless we actually went to Nando’s afterwards (inside joke and my personal obsession)!! All the speakers were started on-time and covered their topics extremely well. Questions were asked by engaged attendees, and they received some really in-depth responses. There were moments when the conversation moved from the presenters out to the audience, which was exactly the type of attendee interaction we were hoping for. Overall, the whole day was really informative and went exactly to plan (minus Nando’s, not fair!).

Day two

The day that consisted of drinks and random chats about Flash game development, experiences and stat sharing! Exactly what Mochi London started off as, so this couldn’t go wrong at all! We totally kept up with tradition and met up at the Montagu Pyke pub which is where the first meet up was held! It’s a nice, open venue with a solid Sunday roast…and it’s reasonably priced!
We met up at 8pm and finished at around 10:30pm, then went on the hunt for food! Of course, I suggested Nando’s (As always!), however we missed it by around 5 minutes, I’m not sure what I’ve done, but karma wasn’t on my side for that day! Or the day before…

Day one meal. Eating Ramen with a fork is how we do it up North!

Day one meal. Eating Ramen with a fork is how we do it up North!

Closing Thoughts

I personally thought the whole event went to plan- in fact, it couldn’t have gone any better as far as I’m concerned! This was a great step for Mochi London. We’re definitely going to be preparing for Mochi London 2012 due to the popularity of this year’s event! My hope is to be able to take it up another notch with more quality speakers who have a strong presence in the Flash games industry, as well as keeping the event as fun and informative as possible. In the end, Mochi London is all about the community.

So on that note, Mochi London 2012 anyone?!


Robinson and his heroic efforts at manning the reception booth, thanks Robinson!

I’d love to hear thoughts and ideas for next year, we want to make it even better! Feel free to contact me!
I’d also like to thank everyone involved in making Mochi London 2011 what is was on the day! From the Mochi Media team, to the speakers, and most importantly to the attendees who turned up- thanks everyone!

Presentations? We Have Presentations!

Check out the presentation slides from the speakers of Mochi London 2011


Check out the pictures on Mochi’s phototstream to see pictures taken throughout the weekend!


I’ll be sharing the videos of the speakers in a later post as we’ve got to get all the footage in one place and edit a bit (as it’s recorded from a tablet). So keep an eye out! :)

Thanks for reading!