Kongregate GameJam! French Bike.



Oh do I love a game jam. Even if I’ve got a crazy amount of work on, I’ll always want to find some time to get an entry in there. This time I failed though! Check out the jam here > Kongregate GameJam!

This was a little idea I dreamt up with NCH & Skybase. Admittedly this was a concept a few year ago that we had floating around but never done too much with it. So game was made with the theme of “attraction” – essentially you’re riding along playing your accordion and you spot a speeding girl on a Vespa, you think you love her so you chase after her! A little love story!


Psttttttt. The best bit is theres a HUGE twist in this game and since we didn’t finish It, I really don’t want to spoil it and show it off. You’ll see soon though, really, you will! It’s a massive twist, I mean the gameplay of this actually revolves around this twist too…


Ahhh, what could be more peaceful than this? Skybase painted these backgrounds together and man are they sweet. I set them up in to little pieces so I could create a scrolling background and also to add some parallax later in the contest.


I had a chance to work on it for around 2 days, so sadly it wasn’t in a position to enter in to the game jam – however I really want to get this made! During my time working on it I got it prototyping on mobile well and I think this could be a little title I could quickly made for mobile. What do you think?!

On a side note, Skybase(Yuya) did an amazing track but you’ll have to hear more when I post a bit more on this game in the future.

It’s April 2016?



Oh oh. It’s April 2016 already?! I’m bad at blogging – I really am. So I’ve been INSANELY busy. A lot of stuff that’s been going on I can’t really talk about at the moment & mobile games I’m developing at the moment aren’t really in a state to openly share them -BUT, it’ll change soon. As soon as I have stuff I’ll share it.


Pardon? Stop…who?


We know it’s you Trump. Take the wig off!

So before I start – this game wasn’t made as a dig at Trump at all. I don’t have a political affiliation to or against Trump at all. I think we took a fair approach of letting you play as Trump also – the game wasn’t just a big dig at Trump, he’s just a character in it. It’s a parody of a UK based petition that was going around that got quite some publicity about banning Trump from the UK – Miniclip and I wondered how fun it could be to make a game based around that, thus, Stop Trump was born!

Once we had the theme, I instantly called on memories of ‘Papers Please’ & how bloody amazing that game is. It’s a lot more complex than the game we were looking for, but I really thought a game where you’re letting passengers in & trying to stop Trump from entering – kind of like a Guess Who crossed with Papers Please, but a lot more basic.

Essentially ‘Stop Trump’ turned in to a game in that you’re a Border Guard doing your daily duty – screening passengers by allowing them in or denying them. However Trump is trying to sneak in, so you’ve got to be mega aware otherwise it’s GAME OVER! You also have a little nifty computer to play with – you can actually click icons, resize windows, move windows etc, although you probably won’t do all that, it was fun to make. You should just play it, you’ll see.

It’s US Election 2016 and as the race for the White House hots up, Donald Trump has upset some Limeys with his views on immigration. You’re a UK Border Guard and Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, has instructed you to Stop Trump entering the country. As you ask new arrivals for their papers, please, can you spot Trump as he tries to sneak in? Get it right or the Queen will royally penalise you. If you prefer the alternative view, you can choose Trump mode, play as Donald Trump and make sure only your supporters get in. How do you like them apples, Britain?

Stop Trump

Trump mode! You’ve got to ban everyone apart from Trump’s friends (They all wear the same suit, apparently!)

The game launched with two modes.

Normal – You’ve got to deny sneaky Trump entry, he will dress up and try and blend in to sneak in. You can’t let him!

Trump – You’re banning everyone entry apart from your supporters, only let people sporting your glorious suit entry. (More of a speed run mode really!)

Was nice to have both sides of it in the game, and it made two different play styles. Trump mode is very fast and you’re making fast decisions, however in normal if you make fast decisions you may end up letting Trump in, oh no.

Screenshot at Apr 28 20-25-40

Alex’s (NCH85) art on the game was fantastic, his art style really suits what we were aiming for when we envisioned the game. When does he ever let me down anyway? Absolutely love working with him. And it’s a great little partnership we have! As soon as he drew Trump though, I lost it – too funny, I just couldn’t take it serious.

I’ve also got to thank Rob & Jamie over at Miniclip too, without them the game wouldn’t be near as wacky as it is! Especially Jamie with the voice acting – he’s actually the Queen believe it or not, he absolutely smashed it. Queen Jamie II!

Initially the game was only supposed to be a small little game, but man it got a bit bigger than we anticipated – but really it ended up worth it as it’s a bloody good laugh of a game! It was really fun for me and Alex to develop. You can check it out over on Miniclip here: http://www.miniclip.com/games/stop-trump/en/#t-sd

Also, I pinky promise I’ll try update more. I don’t forget to tweet though, I’m pretty active over in the Twittersphere (Is that a thing?) @ChrisJeffGames 


Space is Key Christmas is here!

Santa will be giving everyone a few space bars this Christmas!
Santa will be giving everyone a few space bars this Christmas!

Santa will be giving everyone a few space bars this Christmas!

Yeah! Finally it’s released. I worked on this as part of Armor Games “The 12 Epic Days of Armormas” – this is actually the first time I’ve worked on a seasonal game too so it was kinda fun to approach it especially with something like Space is Key which is is a very minimalist style, I felt like If I went overboard it would totally ruin the game. Same with the Christmas feel of it all, I didn’t want to go insane Christmas spirit but I think it’s got the perfect amount.

Waterflame, you magical musical wizard you, you perfected the OST. It’s still in my head & honestly think it was a big piece of this game, slots it all together with the right Christmas feel :)

You can head over to Armor Games and play it up, give it some love (Or hate if you don’t like it, it’s fine, it’s Christmas) http://armorgames.com/play/17615/space-is-key-xmas

Snow. Snow everywhere!

Snow. Snow everywhere!

Also NCH whipped up some of the extra assets you see in the game. Cause’ as much as I like working with Space is Keys minimal approach – I really can’t draw. He made the snow all fancy!

So what do you think of it?! And throw your scores at me. I love to see how people score!

Nitrome Game Jam!


If you know me just a teeny tiny little bit, you’ll know I absolutely love game jams. They’re one of the brilliant & unique things in our industry that just seep creativity in such a short amount of time and that’s why I just love them! And when I heard Nitrome was having a game jam, even though I’m neck deep in other projects that I can’t wait to show people about – I decided to just drop everything and have some fun! So this game jam was a 5 day one (Monday – Friday) and sadly I really couldn’t do the whole week, but instead of just not doing it, I grabbed Alex and Yuya (Didn’t grab them, a simple message done the trick, no grabbing involved here!) and got to work on an idea that had been floating around my head ever since the theme ‘Dreams’ got announced on the Monday.

Alex initially drew our little guy. Pretty cute for someone who eats dreams, right?

Alex initially drew our little guy. Pretty cute for someone who eats dreams, right?

So yeah, like I said, we started pretty late to this game jam and I had an idea floating around my head that I pitched to Alex & Yuya to see if they could get involved with me. It was kinda totally against what I initially thought when I read ‘Dreams’ and I think it’s why it stuck so well with me. Initially when I thought ‘Dreams’ I pictured really beautiful cloud based worlds and thought about some kinda exploration based platformer, essentially exploring dreams – then I thought this may be too obvious and that maybe other people could have just interpreted the theme like that – so I kinda went the opposite way.

Early mock up of the game. Starting to take some shape but it's lacking that mood and environment that I wanted - art style is what we wanted for something that we'd have to do so fast too.

Early mock up of the game. Starting to take some shape but it’s lacking that mood and environment that I wanted – art style is what we wanted for something that we’d have to do so fast too.

Then Baku was born! From the start, I wanted this to be a top-down exploration game with challenging stealthy stuff thrown in there too. Essentially you’re a dream eater and you’re in a random house, you’re pretty hungry so you’re sneaking around trying to find dreams to snack on that are littered around rooms with sleeping folk in them. One problem though, you’re a bit clumsy and just make far too much noise!

So yeah, you’re sneaking around the house trying to make as little noise as possible & eating dreams. As simple as that I guess.

Our final title screen for Baku!

Our final title screen for Baku!

Feature wise, there is a tonne of stuff I wanted in here however within the three days, I really just couldn’t get them in there. Saying that, I’m pretty proud with how well we coped and how much we did in the time though!

It even got to the point where Alex actually put stuff in the tutorial for features we were planning to get in the game. Stuff like:

– Walking around (Since he’s heavy footed) slowly increases alert, your ‘disguise’ ability slowly decreases alert energy & if you’re stomping around a room with a sleeping person/dog in they will actually wake up and spot you.

– A few more rooms in the house. Who doesn’t want more rooms?!

– Each room will have a threshold so you don’t always have to hit 100% alert to fail the room, if there’s more people sleeping in the room or if there’s a dog, the threshold could be lower!

The finished look for the game jam entry

I think we’re really considering putting in some more time in to this and getting it a proper release on the web, could be fun and I really think it’s a fun little game with potential. What do you guys think though?

oh oh oh, you can play it here too! http://chris-jeff.com/nitromejam.html

Or hit up nitromes site and you can vote I think, sounds pretty cool! http://www.nitrome.com/jam/games/bakuthedreameater

Over the next few days I’ll get a proper page put up for Baku too so it’ll pop up on the side of the site.

Fun fact: Yuya actually named the character Baku – I think it means spirit in Japanese and he’s Japanese so y’know. It stuck with us!