Scramball Worlds

Hey guys, just a quick update on Scramball worlds! I’m pushing for a January release. It could be late January or even the beginning of February after talking to sponsors and such, but yeah, it won’t be long.

Also I’ll be releasing some gameplay footage in time aswell! Maybe make it into a little preview/trailer. So watch this space for that!

Here’s another picture to keep you’s going!

Jungle World

Jungle World

Scramball 3?

Hey folks! As I promised, a sneaky screenshot of the new Scramball in development! It’s going strong in development, hopefully end of this year release, if not January next year!

But yeah, extremely excited about this, I’ll probably let a few of you guys playtest it when I’ve got a build I’m happy with, and yeah, NCH is amazing, huge props to him.

Well! That’s all I can say really, Enjoy! I'[m keeping it short and snappy because I really want to release so much of it! Stay tuned for more :)

Underwater World

Underwater World

Highmere brickwall

Hey guys, just doing a little post with regards to Highmere! Me and NCH have rather hit a wall, with regards to storyboard writing and writing the scene for the game.

Basically for game development to begin, we’ll need some input from someone who has creativity to help fuel ideas for the next scene and the story board to go along with it.

If you can do it, or know anyone, please drop me an email! The development of Highmere has been a right pain due to the fact of little creativity in the sense of story boards.

So, I’m officially having to put this project on hold until we get some outside help!

However, still other buns in the oven! Let’s see eh!



Live on Addicting games!

It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for months! But Addicting games finally launched Scramball2 live today!

I’m over the moon. This is great news! They even gave it a description which I like a lot.


Disobedient ball behaviour! What a description! Well I hope the game does well on their site, it’s done decent everywhere else. It’s predecessor still has the most amount of hits, so lets see where this goes.

Addicting games, Bigfishgames and another project

Great news! Both Addicting games and Bigfishgames have aqcuired licenses to Scramball2. 

This means within weeks Scramball2 should be on both of their sites! This is good news for the overall distribution of the game as both these sites are key players within the flash game industry. Both are huge!

Just thought i’d give you guys an update. If there’s anymore news i’ll be sure to post.

Also, the other project. Over the past few weeks i’ve been working alongside an artist in making a point and click, hapland styled adventure puzzle. Hopefully should be done in a few weeks.  Once there is more made i’ll make a post with a few screenshots, so i’m pretty excited about that.