Scramball 2 Daily 5th!

Well today was a pretty quiet day on Newgrounds so I thought it would be the perfect opportunity to upload Scramball 2. As the last two days have been pretty hectic with blues.

I ended up winning daily 5th! I’m pretty happy about that, first award I’ve ever had on Newgrounds.

Let’s see how it goes from here. Hopefully I might get frontpage, that would make my week!

Check it out here

Scramball2 released and sponsored!

Hey folks,  just making a post to inform you all about Scramball2.

It has just been released live within an hour! It was sponsored by, so head over to their website and check it out, or you can check it out here, the choice is yours.


Pretty excited about it. It’s going to be exclusive to their site and this site for a week, then I’ll mass distribute it.

I’ll probably post more when someone comes up and I’ll share stats!

Quick insight to Scramball 2

Well I thought I would grace you all with a few Screenshots of Scramball 2 and a little more information on it.

It’s a lot more time based than the first one. Basically each level has a set time for a trophy and a gem,  winning a trophy allows you to continue to the next level, but winning a gem (which is an even lower time than a trophy) will give you access to play master levels.

The master levels are the tough ones, beat those and get a master key.

Anything I think thats enough, don’t want to over nourish you with too much information.

Heres some sneak peaks:

Jungle world

Jungle world

Under-water world

Under-water world

Ice world

Ice world

If any more news comes up with Scramball 2 such as sponsors and such. I’ll throw up a post. Enjoy the screenshots :)

Scramball 2 Coming soon

Scramball 2 is coming soon! It’s all developed and waiting sponsorship. It’s been a fun experience developing it and I hope it’s a fun experience playing it aswell. It’s changed a lot since the first one and has a load of nice features in it to.

I’ll be posting more on it and some screenshots later. Check out the Scramball2 page under games for more on it.