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The Mochis is an annual award show held on the day of FGS that recognizes the year’s very best Flash games. Nominations are now open for any Flash game created in 2011, with winners emerging from nine different categories.

Help nominate Space is Key for the Mochi awards next year! It’d be an honour to be able to get Space is Key there, so let’s get it done!

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Space is Key iOS now live!

Space is Key

That’s it folks! It’s here, the time has come. Space is Key is now on iOS! So arm your iPhone/iPad/iWhatever and get playing! Fill the leaderboards up with your top scores, and let’s see who’s crowned king ehy?!

I’d like to say a big thanks to you guys for wanting it ported over so much! So here you go, you deserved it. Get your friends playing it too! If you could also give it a rating and a fair review, that would be great help to get this App off it’s tiny feet! Let’s do this! And have fun guys :)

Needs moar achievements

Hey guys. Some quick updates on the situation with Space is Key iOS! We’re actually fully finished on the game, it’s well working, and gives you just as much pixel smashing fun as on the pc! (If not more fun!)

Pah! I can do better...

Pah! I can do better...

At the moment, we’ve just finished adding a chunky 26 achievements using GameCentre. So you’ll be able to compete with your friends to see who can unlock the most! Heres a snapshot of a few!

You could do these. Right?

You could do these. Right?

I actually ran a little competition over on the facebook page too, basically ‘What’s the most creative achievement you could add to Space is Key iOS’ and we had a load of entries! Some really cool ideas. And I ended up picking 5 of the ones I used and they’ll be getting a promo code for the game on release! So well done guys :)

So yeah, we’re just testing to make sure they all work and nothings wrong. Then we’ll throw the game to apple, and hopefully get a decent approval time.

I’ve also had a few emails with regards to pricing too. I wish I could push it free like the flash game! But there are costs, and I’ll be charging it at tier 1 (.99$/.59p) so it’s only a small amount! Surely if you love it, you won’t mind :) But for those who don’t have the funds, I’ll be throwing promo codes around, so get involved on my facebook page.


Ignore the other two scores. I'm top ;)

I’ll update you as I get further in the process! I’ve got a load of news I want to tell you guys also! Lots of things in the cooking pot. Enjoy!

Space is Key iOS

Hey guys! It’s been a little while since I’ve updated you’s. But it’s for a good cause! I’ve been mainly focusing my spare time on a little project that involves iOS and Space is Key!

I’m pleased to announce that it should be hitting Apples App Store real soon!

At the moment, we’re just ironing things out and tweaking things. I’d say it’s a good 95% complete, so we’ll be submitting it for review as soon as we can.

But what can we expect from it?! Well it’s a pretty close port from the flash version, with all the same fun levels, however there is a pretty major change! To make it more tap friendly, we’ve decided to make it one level per screen, at first I was a little unsure about this, but it’s perfect! And allows for a much better HUD. We’ll be filling the game with achievement goodies, aswell as local top scores, and even a leaderboard for you guys to battle it out!

So yeah, watch this space or follow me on facebook for short updates!

Space is Key iOS Menu. May change before release though!Sneak peak at one level!

Really hope you guys will enjoy this as much as I have developing and testing!

Ps: I may throw a little competition on release and give away some free download codes for the game!

Space is Key insight!

Hey guys! It’s been 2 weeks (3 weeks including exclusivity on Armorgames) since the release of Space is Key and I’d like to share some of it’s finds/stats with yous!

Overall it’s had a pretty good response:

Armorgames score of 7.3. Pretty good score and was well received by them. They were pretty active in positive constructive feedback too and helped me change the game play a little.

Newgrounds score of 4.10 with front page, sadly missed out on a daily, and got trumped by competition in the weekly!

Kongregate score of  3.65 with front page. I see this as pretty reasonable from Kongregate, as their crowd are pretty unique and I honesty didn’t think it would go down well with them at all.


Space is Key was also included in a Jayisgames post which I thought was pretty sweet, they had a great little paragraph about the game:
Grease is the word, but apparently the [spacebar] is the key in this fast-paced, frustrating and addictive little arcade game where the goal is simply to make it from one side of the screen to the other. Easier said than done since your brave little square avatar is apparently made of spun sugar and will shatter into a billion pixels if it even gets within breathing distance of an obstacle. The farther you go, the trickier things get, adding traps, tunnels, gaps, and triggers to contend with along with the sense that the developer is just rocking back and forth on his heels, giggling like a maniac at how often you fail.

It’s kinda true actually! I mean there are a lot of comments with people raging but then voting it full and asking for more! So it’s a kind of game that you just need to complete, and you’ll push yourself to do it, which I guess is kind of a good quality.

As for gameplays! To date, it’s raked in just over 2.3m since the day of it’s release. Which I deem to be pretty good for a small game actually especially in it’s short time of release , but it could have done a lot better and went more viral, but it’s a nice amount of hits, and it’s growing, still raking in a good 70k+ hits a day. It’s due to go up on Addicting games which will throw it’s impressions up by a good 50% if it does well.

So yeah, all in all, a pretty good reception and hopefully keeps up it’s pace. I’m considering a sequel sometime in the not so distant future after I finish a few other projects!

So watch this space!