Store opening!

I’ve gave it some thought. And decided to open my own little online store. I’ll be designing some T-shirts, Posters and Badges. Don’t want to delve in to any other merchandise, I think that’ll be cool enough!

Basically the idea came across when I was wanting a custom tshirt made with my logo, website and maybe some unique scramball design on. Zazzle seemed like a pretty good option for me to create the T-shirtas they we’re cheap and seemed like really good quality!

However! After signing up, it said I could make a ‘mini store’ where I could also sell my designs. So I thought It’d be a neat idea to give you guys a chance to buy some of the stuff too! I’ve knocked the profit down so I don’t make anything and the prices are at their lowest possible.

The main idea for a custom tshirt was for the visit to Casual Connect Hamburg in February! Can’t wait!

Anyway, the store should be added within the next few days, enjoy!

Inactivity and update

I haven’t exactly created and released a full game in a few fair months. Makes me feel kinda inactive!

However! I promise you 2010 will not be an inactive year from me. Your going to see quite a bit of me, I’ve got plans for a fair few games. And hopefully if they’re as good in flesh as they are on paper, then we’re in for a little treat!

Just a heads up anyway. Also! Highmere, It should be getting pushed for released the back end of January. I’ve had a few commitments lately with work and such, it’s hard to find time to do other things as well. But it’s nearly done!

I’ll post more or other projects and keep you guys updated anyway. All the best for 2010!

Highmere is born!

Thought I’d update you guys on the ‘untitled game’ I’ve been working on recently. Well it now has a name! It’s going to be called ‘Tales of Highmere’.

The first chapter is going to contain two scenes, both of which are relevant to the story of Highmere! It’ll be born in a few weeks hopefully; just finalising the first scene at the moment. I can verify it’s going to be full of point and click action, may require some lateral thinking as well. Shouldn’t end up being too hard, but I’ll get certain people to test it, to ensure It’s suitable for all!

Not the final menu. But pretty much finished! *Could change a bit*

Not the final menu. But pretty much finished! *Could change a bit*

Introduction to Highmere: Highmere is a village colonised by Elfish folk. It isn’t a large village. The village has a few residential houses but apart from those, there’s nothing much to do, apart from the surrounding mountainous area and forestry.

The village is home of the infamous Tasitar, the eccentric. He is an old-ish man, full with folk tales and has a huge knowledge on the history of Highmere.

I’ll post more soon!

Untitled game in the making

Hey guys. I haven’t been active much recently. However! I haven’t been doing anything. I’ve been stirring up a concoction of point and click styled flashy goodness with NCH.

Basically it’s your simple point and click game play, similar to that of the hapland series.  It’s going to be in series’, with a deep adventure attached to the story. I haven’t got too much to reveal now, but it will be coming in parts hopefully to tell the whole tale.

The graphics and animation are awesomely done. Really happy about how NCH has done them.

It should be fully completed and tested within a few weeks so I’ll be keeping posted about it.

Meanwhile feast your eyes on a teaser.

Great art, and great game play will accompany it.
Great art, and great game play will accompany it.

Click the picture to view in full.