So what am I doing now!?

Hey guys! I thought It’d be the ideal opportunity for me to shoot some pictures around for the new game I’m working on!

I actually haven’t named it yet – although I’ve got some funky ideas, nothings set in stone yet! So for the time being, we’ll call it as Dave for no reason at all.

Okay so a little run down on the game, it’s all set on a theatre stage, with a nice cheery crowd and those cool red curtains (They’re always red!). It’s actually in the setting of a Japanese on-stage gameshow too, so it’s quirky. To add to it’s quirkiness, Waterflame is conjuring some lovely, fitting music for us too! It’s a platformer/puzzler with some stages being full out puzzles to solve, and some more physically just getting to the end without failing.

As you can instantly tell – I’ve also got NCH on-board, as you’ll know  that we’re both working on a few things together too and it’s going really well, he’s a good guy!

I feel that’s all I really need to say at this point – so feast you’re eyes on these beauties!

It's all pretty basic - just get to the end!

It’s all pretty basic – just get to the end!

So yeah, you always need a diving board in a game right? Wait, you don't? Oh well, it's staying in!

So yeah, you always need a diving board in a game right? Wait, you don’t? Oh well, it’s staying in!

Shark man! Just a random costume for the character.

Shark man! Just a random costume for the character.

So yeah, stay tuned for more stuff as this project is pretty close to completion actually! I might be nice and let a few people from twitter and facebook beta test it when it’s ready too 😉

We kinda went down!

Hey guys, just an update on the situation that happened yesterday (12th April 2012). Space is Key 2 and this blog got featured on a few very high ranking websites in China which ended up sending like 135,476 over here in a very short amount of time and ended up just killing us!

It was awesome to be featured and have such nice attention – but we died! So yeah, we’re all good and up now!

Also if you don’t follow me on twitter or facebook, you won’t know about this not so secret new project 😉

I’ll sort a blog post out for it pretty soon!

Have fun!

You asked for it, now you have it!

Space is Key 2 is now live!


That’s right, you heard it! Space is Key 2 has just gone live over at ArmorGames. If you’re a fan on the series, you should totally replace your space bar and go have some fun! If you haven’t played it, you need to!

It’s brilliant I got to work with Armorgames on the sponsorship again, as they’re really great guys and It’s always a flawless experience!

So what are you waiting for?! What’s your best score?

Space is Key 2 Announcement!


Hey folks! If you don’t follow me on Twitter or Facebook, this would be pretty unknown to you! But yeah, I’m actually in development with Space is Key 2, wahoo!

After a lot of people asking for more content, I just had to really. I’ve thrown fresh twists in and new stuff to keep you entertained!

For people with those devices that begin with ‘i’. My plan is to do a content update and push the levels from Space is Key 2 in to the Space is Key app – FOR FREE! Aswell as a huge fix up for bugs and such, so yeah. Not sure when I’ll get to knuckle down with that, but expect it :)

As for Space is Key 2, I’m not sure when It’ll be released, I hate putting deadlines on things and not reaching them. But I can say, I’ve only got challenges to do, and it’ll be fully developed! But If you’re nice and follow me on twitter or facebook, you mind find yourself in a beta!


New menu! :)

As for the music, I’m happy to say I’ve got Waterflame on board, throwing together some chiptune madness! If you’re unfamiliar with him, he’s the guy who most notably done the OST in Castle Crashers and is very talented at what he does!

So yeah, stay tuned for more!