Space is Key now on Google Play, Amazon App Store!

Hey guys. A quick update for me to release something that has been a big part of me for a bit. Space is Key is now hitting Android via Google Play (Coming to Samsung Store very soon too) as well as the Amazon App Store for you kindle goodness! AWWWW YEAH!

I’ll keep this short, but yeah I’m really excited to get this out the door :)



But chris. What have you done to the app now?!

– Now using Adobe AIR! – Which means I’m finally targeting Android!

– All of Space is Key 2 levels (That’s an extra 58 levels)

– A whole new “hell mode” which is a challenge mode consisting of levels to drive you to the edge! (First challenge has 30 levels. Will be more challenges coming soon too!).

– Universal. Get once and download on your phone or tablet with out the need for extra versions!

– Bug fixes. Most of the bugs on 1.0 were due to me not knowing Objective-c well at all, so these should all be wiped out!

– No Game Center. Sadly removing this due to leaderboards full of cheats and I have no way to control this but I’ll add Achievements in a later update!

– 131 levels of action packed gameplay now!

– A whole new “hell mode” which is a challenge mode consisting of levels to drive you to the edge! Which will be updated with more in the future.

Do you have the pixels to challenge hell?

Check out more at to choose your device and support the game! I’ll love you :)

Mochi London 2013 is on your doorstep!

Mochi London

It’s that time of the year again folks. Mochi London! Every year I’ve promised to try and make it bigger and better than the last one. And I think I’m already headed that way with some of these speakers!

To me, the best part of organising Mochi London is giving a voice to a lot of UK indies that don’t really talk at events much. It makes me smile when they get up there! Especially how the majority of them are super well known for their games.

So far (more to come!), the confirmed speakers I’ve got for the event are:

  • Tony Lavelle – @the_exp
  • Danny Parker – NinjaKiwi – @mono_eric3
  • Matt Roszac – Kupo707 – He doesn’t have twitter. Get him to join folks!
  • Chris Jeffrey –  ChrisJeff Games – @ChrisJeffGames
  • James Pearmain – Jimp – @Artjimp
  • Jay Armstrong –  Jay Armstrong Games – @Jaymaxarmstrong

Oh hey. The Super Indie Pals are on the list. I wonder why! Well you should wonder, we’re going to hold a live panel it seems. We haven’t nailed down our topics yet, but we’re going to keep stuff open to the audience too which should be fun.

We are changing up Day 2 this year with a game jam! We’ll meet up at Loading Bar, located in the Soho district, and spend the day making games. Space is key, I mean limited, so be sure to reserve your spot! I think instead of a usual pub meet up, a GameJam would cater to everyones creative juices flowing! I know when I step out of the room at the end of the event, I just want to make a game and get prototyping…

If this tickles your pickle, you should head over and register!

In case a few people who’ve been to previous events are wondering why there is a price tag on the event. In previous events, we’ve had high numbers sign up, but a pretty high drop off rate too, we think that if we’ve got a small tag on the event, this should weed out the unsure ones and hopefully allow more people who want to turn up… to turn up and have fun!