The Mochis at FGS2012 Finalist


You heard it! Space is Key hit the final 3 for best action game of 2011! Completely overwhelmed and excited describes me right now!

Space is Key is up against Burrito Bison by Juicy Beast Studio (Which by the way, I absolutely loved) and Mega Mash by Nitrome (Yet again, brilliant fun from Nitrome!). So there’s some stiff competition, and the winner definitely deserves it with some great content there!

I’d like to thank all you guys for the support of the game and nominating me too! THANKS!

One more hurdle to go, and you never know. Let’s do this!

Head over to and have a look!

Ho ho ho!

I hope everyone is gearing up for an amazing Christmas! And I’d like to wish all of you a brilliant Christmas! 2011 has been really great for me with Space is Key and working on Platcore, Mochi London, everything else in between and mostly going full time indie half way through the year!

I’m looking forward to chilling out with the family, and also to 2012! Really looking forward to the release of Platcore! I’ve also got Space is Key 2 planned, as well as a big update for the iOS version of Space is Key too! So watch out for those, I’ll also be picking up the sticks on Scramball World again, which I’m really excited to dig my teeth back into. And also a few other projects planned for 2012 which I’m really excited to begin on!

I actually saved a handful of iOS Space is Key promo codes, and was going to give them out today! However I ended up donating them to IGG Marathon who used them in a raffle, and ended up raising nearly $7k for Childs Play, which is awesome! So yeah, I’ve sadly not got anything to give away due to the kind part of me! But don’t worry, the free update for Space is Key will surely make up for it. Right?!

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Lots of Love, from me! :)


Plush Preorder End

Hey guys. I’m stopping the pre orders on the plushes unfortunately! These were only limited edition, and we had orders roll in over the week which was great! These will be dealt and posted out as soon as possible! Enjoy guys :)

Never know, something special one off like this may happen in the future! But once again, thanks for the support! YOU ROCK!


The Mochis!

The Mochis is an annual award show held on the day of FGS that recognizes the year’s very best Flash games. Nominations are now open for any Flash game created in 2011, with winners emerging from nine different categories.

Help nominate Space is Key for the Mochi awards next year! It’d be an honour to be able to get Space is Key there, so let’s get it done!

Head over to to nominate!

If you enjoyed the game, help vote, as every nomination matters, and we can do it!

The game can be played here on this site at

Nominate for the categories you feel is fair, and thanks! Who knows, maybe you’ll get a sequel soon too?

Nominate Me!

Platcore Plush Dolls!

Hey guys! Quick update to say that PLATBOT DOLLS HAVE LANDED!


I’m actually going to do a limited edition run on these Platbot dolls to. They are handmade,  screen printed felt, and around 4″ tall. There will be 11 of the 29 full set Platbots to choose from, as you can see below!

So grab one! I’ll be throwing in free stickers and magnets for the first 10 pre orders too! So grab them whilst they’re hot :)

I’ll be taking orders for around a week, so act fast!


Head over to the pre order form!