Hey guys! Quick update on Platcore really. We’ve just released our first promotional animation on it, although this shows no gameplay, it ties in with the game nicely, and gives an overview on what Platcore are really like!

NCH done all the animation for this, so a huge thanks for that! And his friend Skybase did the voice acting. He suits the advert perfectly I think!

So Platcore are advertising some of their products that are in testing for public consumption and this is the AP-10 panel rifle. Unfortunately for you, you will face this weapon in the game soon!

Platcore is an up and coming platform-survival game where your aim is just to stay alive!

It’s a shame you can’t buy them, I think it’ll be a nice investment for my house. Not that I have a problem with postmen!

As for the development in the game, it’s coming along nicely. Syncing up the tracks and allowing a nice difficulty curve has been the most time consuming as it involves a lot of testing and monotonous work! But that aside, it’s nearly done, and will be in your hands as soon as possible! I’ve been working as hard as I can to get this to you guys ASAP!

Oh, and have a little Platbot. Cute eh?


Space is Key iOS now live!

Space is Key

That’s it folks! It’s here, the time has come. Space is Key is now on iOS! So arm your iPhone/iPad/iWhatever and get playing! Fill the leaderboards up with your top scores, and let’s see who’s crowned king ehy?!

I’d like to say a big thanks to you guys for wanting it ported over so much! So here you go, you deserved it. Get your friends playing it too! If you could also give it a rating and a fair review, that would be great help to get this App off it’s tiny feet! Let’s do this! And have fun guys :)

Konami Code

Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A, Enter.  Type it, I dare you.

Thought why not get it hooked up! Never know, it may be even in future games! 😉


Konami Code

Adoring fan

For the first time in a fair few months, I decided to go on FGL chat to see if any developers are on that I used to talk to back in my active days on FGL.

Only to be suprised by this chat (I’ll replace his name, in case he doesn’t want publicity):

[Guy] any chance your a programmer?
[Chris.J] I am
[Guy] omg
[Chris.J] What?
[Guy] Your roayalty
[Guy] You made scram ball
[Chris.J] Yeah I did
Guy bows down
[Guy] Brilliant Game dude, 10/10
[Chris.J] Ha, thanks a lot. Means a lot.
[Guy] Pure Orginality
[Guy] The UK is lucky to have folks like you
[Chris.J] Thanks
[Chris.J] But yeah, I'm a programmer
[Guy] dont errr, suppose your looking for anotehr artist?
[Guy] xD loooong shot
[Chris.J] Depends on what you can do, I might add you to my contacts for later projects
[Chris.J] Got a portfolio?
[Guy] well
[Guy] i have a portfolio design which alot of people like haha
[Guy] erm
[Guy] 0my portfolio is somewhat "small"
[Guy] *His portfolio*
[Guy] read the info too
[Chris.J] I'll have a look over it, cheers

I’m pretty amazed by it. Got me smiling all day, It’s nice to get a message and compliments like that.  =]