What I think is the best of 2013!

Best of Flash

Kingdom Rush Frontiers


Last year I wanted to put Kingdom Rush in there but it came out in the middle of 2011 so I totally couldn’t. Now I get too! Seriously this is by far the most enjoyable tower defense game I’ve ever played, the game oozes polish and luckily I got to play this in March 2013 at GDD with the Ironhide guys in the Kongregate offices, I felt privledged! All in all though, you can tell what’s been put in to this game when you pick it up, each level is perfectly balanced and feels like it’s been played a tonne of times and tweaked to get the perfect difficulty on it, which by the way, isn’t easy. It’s a tough little game and you’ll find yourself losing a fair bit but it all adds to the game, when you do beat a level if feels like you’ve done a lot to get there and not just tapped a few things!

Crush the Castle Adventures


So you pretty much have to be familiar with the original Crush the Castle that launched with Armor Games in 2009 or so and all the ones in between developed by Joey Betz. I think the biggest thing for me, aside for the huge world to explore as a level map – is the art! The game has had such a breath of life breathed in to it with Jimp’s artwork if I’m honest, it feels like such a new and fresh game now and I had tonnes of fun playing this. A well deserved best of 2013 if I’m honest and It’ll keep you entertained for ages, it’s massive! (As I wrote that I laughed so I’m keeping it in (Ohhh ho ho ho)).


Best AAA

Bioshock Infinite


I was late to the party with this one actually, I only played it in December on PC! Honestly the story in this game left a huge impression on me, one of the biggest in a game I’ve ever had I feel! The story is amazing, sure it’s not perfect and people are picking plot holes but they can shut up for all I can, it’s phenomenal! Combat in this game is pretty much how it’s all been in Bioshocks which is great and hectic with the addition of skylines which just crank everything up a notch. I’d have honestly been happy to just walk through the story without all the fighting though, that’s how I feel about it. But for the budget of this game it doesn’t really appeal to the masses so it is what is it. An insane bloody game :)



It’s hard not to say this game was bloody insane. I’m a big fan of the GTA series however GTA IV didn’t really click with me as much so I when I got this game on launch I didn’t go in to it with huge hype (Even though I should have as Rockstar usually deliver well) and man did I get hooked.  Once I done the story I had to wait what felt like forever for the multi player as I just wanted more but sadly this didn’t deliver as much as I wanted, it felt full of grinding and samey after a while. I’m not sure what state it’s in now but I played for 2-3 weeks after launch. Saying that, that can’t take away anything at all from the single player experience, which is amazing!


Best Indie

Gone Home


So Gone Home was more of an experience for me I feel. And to be honest it’s not something you can really go in depth in to without revealing what it’s all about but it’s a fantastic game! I think I clocked around 2 hours (Although it’s a little short for the £15 price tag I admit) but it’s all about the experience and atmosphere of it all for sure, after playing through it I’ll definitely say right now you won’t regret it.

Best Mobile

Plants vs Zombies 2: It’s About Time


I’m not sure if this would be an unpopular choice for people purely because it’s full of micro transactions and from face value it really shouldn’t work with this game as the first one was amazing without them. You’d instantly think they’d just get in the way – BUT they really don’t. I had an insane amount of fun playing this game and didn’t part with a penny actually. It seems most micro transactions were to unlock stuff that you’d unlock by playing the game anyway so I think it’s fair that I get a great experience without getting nickel and dimed to buy stuff!

So that was a top 6 I guess. Who does top 10’s anyway? Matched last years top 6, just to keep it all the same 😉

Chrome Store Overview

Hey guys, as you’d know, I released Scramball on the Google Chrome Store. I mean it’s a new store, it’s potentially a new audience and extra views so why not!

Well it didn’t really take me long to implement everything and get it thrown on the site. The time was spend cropping new pictures and making some shiny graphics and screen shots so it looked presentable!

I loved how you could customise the page with your own images, really made the page your own. Overall, an easy implementation with nice features.

But yeah, it went live on 3rd January 2011. And to date, has raked in a whopping 16 installs. I mean, I’m not complaining as the games been successful already and it’s the end of it’s life! But it just reminds me of the apple iPhone store just a bit! Unless you get a spotlight thrown  on your face, your not going to have the best experiences with this.

So yeah, that’s my experience with the store to date! So far, not good. And I haven’t advertised it apart from on here, I mean it’s only a week so it’s nothing to gauge off, but maybe in a few months I’ll give more in depth stats on it!


Flash Thieves!

We all know there are some thieves out there, that want to decompile your flash projects, reverse engineer them and pass them off as their own! Every developer has to worry about their projects being stolen due to the sheer availability of software out there that does all the work on unguarded SWF files.

This is where flash encryption comes in to play! My personal opinion is that there is no perfect fix for the problem, however their are some ideal fixes. Wrapping your SWF in a lovely warm blanket of obfuscation and encryption couldn’t be easier nowadays using some leading software.


I’m going to point your eyes today at SWF Protector, which is currently in it’s 3.0 at the moment! It’s developed by the guys over at DCOMsoft.

Going to keep this short, sweet and to the point! I’ll dive in with why it should be used!


– price

Cost is usually an issue, especially with indie developers! At the end of the day, the majority aren’t making huge amounts of money and don’t really want to spend the big price tags on leading software. Well this won’t break the bank at all.

– pretty simple and reliable

I never bumped into any problems at all, no crashes or anything! Does what it says on the tin!

– cross-platform (Linux, Windows Mac)

Self explanatory really. Great news for developers on multi platforms!

mass protection (it can protect several SWFs at once

Absolutely life saving when guarding all those old projects that are cluttering your desktop! Saves hours of clicking.

If your like me, releasing a game into the wild is a lot! And it’s nice to have that piece of mind that there is a wall between your source code and a thief!

From top to bottom, it’s safe to say that this software is going to protect your SWF files! Head over to their site DCOMsoft with the code: LKPRTC-TRTW and snag yourself a 20% saving!

Follow the guys at twitter to hear all their little updates and keep your SWF protective head up to date!