Super Indie Pals are back again! Episode 2.


We just launched our second episode of Super Indie Pals!

This time I feel we took all criticism on board and acted upon it! We ended up structuring the talk a lot more which I feel helps the flow of the podcast as well as lowering the background music AND offering a music-free version in the link dump for a few people :)

This week we spoke to Joey Betz from Armor Games, the man responsible for Sushi Cat, Crush the Castle and others. Great guy and was a fun talk!

Head over to to check us or! (If you don’t like the background music, there is a non-BG music version in the description on the site!)

Or be cool and listen on this embedded version.

See you in two weeks when we speak to John Cooney AKA Jmtb02.


Super Indie Pals episode 1!


We’ve just launched our Super Indie Pals podcast. Pretty excited to see how this is received by everyone! Let me know what you think too as feedback is king!

We goofed around for an hour and ended up with a super cool interview with Daniel McNeely from Armor Games too!

You can check out our first episode at:

Or you can be cool and listen to the embed below!