Expo 2009 write-up!

Hey guys. Expo was great! Got to play quite a few pre-release games. Went to a speech about ‘Brink’ which is Splash Damage/Bethesda works’ new utopian first person shooter. I have to say, it’s looking pretty damn good, will be good to get my hands on it, can’t wait for it’s release! I also believe that this was the first set of tech demo’s for the game as well!

Brink; An upcoming first-person shooter video game developed by Splash Damage

eurogamer-indie-copyThe indie side of things was a little bit of a let down, not too much going on really. I would of loved to see a bit more browser based games in there next year, we’re moving forward guys! Apart from that, It was great, the mainstream part of things wasn’t a let down at all, had some good hands on time with Tekken 6, L4D2, Assassins creed 2. Watched pretty much all of the others but didn’t play them; games such as Monster hunter 3, Aliens Vs Predator, God of War III.

I’ve been pretty lucky to see things early, it’s been an experience.

I ended up with quite a few pictures of the event but distilled them and took out the best. Now here’s the funny part, taking photos in EXPO wasn’t exactly the easiest thing, if you got caught, they made you delete them, So It turned in to quite a game to see how many we could actually take without being caught. Didn’t get too many though.

The developer sessions we’re good, I especially liked the talk from introversion about Darwinia and their experience in being pretty much a small development team, porting over to the Xbox 360 Live arcade and other perils. It was more on my level with me being a one man developer.

Darwinia+ an XBLA title, coming soon!

Darwinia+ an XBLA title, coming soon!

Anyway, that’s a few cents on

the event. It’s overall been a good day, now feast on the pictures! (Click them for a larger view)

Note: There is event pictures here, but wordpress’ alligning is atrocious and ruins it . Be patient, I’ll have them up soon.

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