Expo Eurogamer 2009

Hey Guys! Just a quick update. On the 27th of October I’ll be heading out to Leeds for the Expo Eurogamer 2009 event. It’s going to be pretty damn good! Full of pre-release gameplay goodness.

It’s mainly for consumers with the ability to play pre-release games such as Left4Dead2, Assassins creed 2, Tekken 6 and much much more! I’ve never been to an event like this, So I thought I’d round up some friends and head off there.

Another interesting thing is they have an Indie Arcade games section! Now this is where my interest shines. Downloadable internet games and even browser based flash games.

Time Kufc in its entirity!

Time Kufc in it's entirity!

Edmund McMillen and William Good (The guys behind ‘Time Kufc’ ) will be there, along with some other indie guys.

I’ll be taking some pictures and uploading them on here so look out! Probably around 28th. I’ll be sporting a nice Mochimedia T-shirt and maybe a badge if I feel like it 😉 So look out!

If anyones going just drop me an e-mail or something.

Have fun!

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