‘They took her’ was developed with Jay Armstrong for the Mochimedia 60 second summer competition in June 2012. With the whole constraint of 60 seconds it was fairly hard to come up with something that was playable and not super boring nor overdone (Pretty much 60 seconds of chaos).

And guess what?! We won it! We got first place. Can I get a YEY!?


So this game actually got re-released as ‘Eleventh Hour’ just to differentiate it from the competition build.


Genre: Action,RPG.

Status: Completed, Primary Sponsorship by Armorgames, widely available.


Your town is being bombed. Your daughter isn’t in the bomb shelter with you. You’re going to have to go out their with ‘them’ and find her!


  • Beautiful vector art (I didn’t do it, so I can say that!) by Jay Armstrong.
  • Lots of zombie goodness!
  • A bad ass shotgun (Who doesn’t want that, right!?)
  • 60 seconds to complete the game (This is totally a feature)



  1. Michael

    Hello. I just wanted to say that I like “Eleventh Hour”, but it seems like “they took her” was much more of challenge. I believe I finished the latter with a second or so to spare. I was kind of sad when I saw that you changed it. Why did you change it? Were people complaining it was too hard or did you feel that the change would improve it?

  2. Thanks! I totally agree. So ‘They Took Her’ was for the Mochi competition and kept to the 60 seconds which gave it that difficulty I loved. It was changed to suit a broader audience as a lot of Armor Games players weren’t liking the challenge an awful lot!

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