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What it Platcore?! Well Platcore a platformer/avoid style of gameplay, you play as a Platbot which is a testing robot for Platcore, and Platcore will be using you to test out their newest products, which come in the form of things which aren’t exactly your friend (Lasers, turrets, even bigger lasers, and evil things!). You play in a test chamber and your sole aim is to stay alive and survive the testing procedures, remember though, your robot is dispensable so there are MANY robots to play as if yours gets destroyed.

The games soundtrack is synced up to the Platcore AI, so when the soundtrack goes boom, something else is going boom, and it’s likely to hit you in the face.

Genre: Action,RPG.

Status: Completed, Primary Sponsorship by Kongregate, widely available.


Run, jump and dodge for your life in this music based bullet hell platformer.


  • Two full length (Five minutes) tracks by Waterflame!
  • One full length (Five minutes) track for the boss! This track was also used in a Madness animation.
  • A kick ass boss that will laser you to hell.
  • A handful of weapons designed to just ruin your day.
  • The labs – You’re able to design the Platbot that you want, providing you’ve got the cogs!
  • Hall of Fame – Store the Platbots that you love! Like a Platbot? Is he rare? Throw him in the Hall of Fame to keep him and not destroy him.
  • Achievements – Everyone loves achievements right?! Have 24!
  • Lots of Platbots – Seriously. I mean. LOTS! There are 700,000 unique Platbots in the game!


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  1. can i play

  2. Ferguson

    Hey, would you mind listing the music used in Platcore please? I’m sorry if I’m making you do more work, I really am, but I can’t seem to find the music listed D: It’s probably somewhere directly in front of me, but I’m one of those people that will check every possible place other than the most obvious one. If you could just point me in the right direction maybe, that’d be good 😀

  3. Of course not, that’s fine! So all the music has been released by it’s artists on the Newgrounds audio portal to make it simple to download. Head over to and at the site it lists all the song and where they’re played. Cheers!

  4. Benjamin

    how do you unlock miscellaneous in design? I thought u get it when you win, but that is not the case.

  5. Benjamin

    by the way, amazing game. the parts were cool, the game was challenging, and the music was amazing. the only downside was that it was too short and you could just power through it if you wanted to. It needed punishment for dying, not just losing stats and rank. If you include these in a second I would appreciate it much

  6. You noticed it! :)

    So actually this was meant for a load of bot upgrades like speed, jumping, double jump and a load of other fun stuff but had to be cut from the game as it needed releasing fast, so yeah, they unfortunately didn’t make the cut. Good find though!

  7. Yeah I know what you mean. To be honest, the development went on for far too longer than we aimed for. So we had to cut a bunch of stuff, I’m not too happy with the final outcome as I’d loved to have added a load more. If I do a follow up, I’m definitely going to beef the game out with a lot more! :)

  8. Good to hear that you meant to add in all the features and such I criticized you on but you just had to cut stuff out. =p I think a more fleshed out version would be awesome.

  9. Benjamin

    sounds good! I’m looking forward to it!

  10. blueaseer

    Is there a download link? I would love to have a client side version of this!

  11. You know what. Since you asked, I’ll hook up download links to most of my games on their pages! Check back tomorrow sometime :)

  12. I imported your game from kongergate on my website and i just wanted to thank you for the passion you did this game with.

  13. It’s no problem at all! Thanks :)

  14. aytimothy

    Nice game!
    But I was surprised to find it very short… (One play-through and didn’t even unlock 1/2 of the stuff)

    May I just make one request: At least a level editor would be nice :)

  15. Thanks! Yeah it’s a fairly short game meant for replays, I guess the music system kinda lends itself to that or the game would be an insane size with loads of songs.

    A level editor would have been super cool for release but the one I made levels with is super raw, would have been nice to polish it up and released it though :)

  16. iGatsou

    What a music in main menu? Very good.

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