Genre: Action,puzzle.

Status: Completed, Primary sponsorship by Kongregate.


Want more ball rolling fun? Well the sequel is here. Zoom your way through 15 time based levels within 3 worlds to attain gems to have a go at the 10 master levels in another 2 worlds! Do you have what it takes to Scramball?

Win trophies to get to the next level, but start earning gems on each level to have a shot at the Master levels to gain a key! The master levels will challenge you and drive you to the point of frustration as you’ll be pushed to the lowest time limit to get the key.

Zoom through volcanos and lava in the first level, then swoop down in to the depths of the water in the underwater world. Climb back up and in to the third world as you’ll be racing through the jungle!

If your man enough to try the master levels  you’ll start by racing through icey worlds and struggling through the  world of industrialisation.


  • 15 time based levels.
  • 10 difficult and challenging master levels.
  • Trophy,Gem and Master keys to make you stretch your times and try harder at the game.
  • 5 totally different worlds.
  • Backgrounds and graphics with depth and clean.
  • All levels record your best time and are time based.
  • Auto save and auto load.
  • Music is streamed which cuts the file size tremendously.




  1. Any Master ice level with those breakable ice blocks are horribly flawed. Especially Master 3. I’d give the game a great rating, except for this horrible snag.

  2. Hello Dr.Steve. Thanks for the comment! I have to admit, it is a little bit awkward, however it’s only 2 or so levels which contain these breakable ice blocks; it was a bit of a development flaw, didn’t perfect collisions with the ice blocks. Also on lower graphics settings it does make a noticeable difference.

  3. MIchael Massey

    Who created the music for Scramball 2?? I really like it.

  4. Hey there, well I’ve mostly used tracks by a composer named Reasoner, great composer from Newgrounds. You can find his works here:

    But I’ve used various other tracks, all from the NG portal though, so you can just pop a search in for the song name and you’ll find it straight away :)


    There is too much random bouncing and siding up,down,left,and right….

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