Scramball1 is a winner of the Mochiads competition, Super flash game friday on July 2008.


Genre:  Action,puzzle.

Status: Completed, Widely available,Exclusively Sponsored by BigFishGames.


Scramball is a top down, squared phsyics game which you have to roll the ball around a series of 20 levels within 4 worlds. Your aim is to guide the ball to the end of the level, dodging obstacles in order to attain a high score.

Scram, rattle, and roll into this maze of ball rolling bliss. Race against the clock and complete all 20 levels for a stellar score. Enter into four Scramball worlds containing five levels each.

In World 1, you’ll find basic keys and locks to acquire. Use magic keys to open doors but be watchful of holes. In this game of square physics, you may meet your demise at any instant.


  • 20 unique levels.
  • 4 different styled worlds, each affecting the ball in different ways.
  • Top down square phsyics, with realistic collisions.
  • Leaderboards to compete and challenge others.




  1. Emma

    Christopher Jeffrey has a goaty! 😀

  2. cedric

    Hello man
    I recall having spent hours and hours playing a game like this on my oldie : amstrad cpc 6128… a similar laby game with a ball. Do you know it? I can’t remember its name unfortunately :'(
    Thanks for your great creations dude!

  3. Caripocho

    realy nice game…. thank you for the free download

  4. teuast

    What’s the name of the song you used on here? It’s awesome.

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