Chrome Store Overview

Hey guys, as you’d know, I released Scramball on the Google Chrome Store. I mean it’s a new store, it’s potentially a new audience and extra views so why not!

Well it didn’t really take me long to implement everything and get it thrown on the site. The time was spend cropping new pictures and making some shiny graphics and screen shots so it looked presentable!

I loved how you could customise the page with your own images, really made the page your own. Overall, an easy implementation with nice features.

But yeah, it went live on 3rd January 2011. And to date, has raked in a whopping 16 installs. I mean, I’m not complaining as the games been successful already and it’s the end of it’s life! But it just reminds me of the apple iPhone store just a bit! Unless you get a spotlight thrown  on your face, your not going to have the best experiences with this.

So yeah, that’s my experience with the store to date! So far, not good. And I haven’t advertised it apart from on here, I mean it’s only a week so it’s nothing to gauge off, but maybe in a few months I’ll give more in depth stats on it!


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