Live on Addicting games!

It’s about time! I’ve been waiting for months! But Addicting games finally launched Scramball2 live today!

I’m over the moon. This is great news! They even gave it a description which I like a lot.


Disobedient ball behaviour! What a description! Well I hope the game does well on their site, it’s done decent everywhere else. It’s predecessor still has the most amount of hits, so lets see where this goes.


  1. Jez

    It’s quite a fun game, and I’ve almost done everything, but I cannot help but be frustrated by the random behaviour apparent in the ice blocks when trying to break them. The worst case of this is on Master3 where there’s 5 blocks to break, the chances of at least one just not cracking regardless of apparent power is extraordinarily high!
    Or perhaps I’ve just not noticed a particular theory that’d help me with this.
    Either way, this is my feedback :)

  2. Thanks for the feedback! Yeah I’ve had some feedback about that problem, it’s going to be hard to push an update as it’s a stand alone copy. Sorry about that. But yeah, thanks again!

  3. Sean B

    Master 3 doesn’t seem to be working right. If you want more information, please email me (you have my email address)

  4. Yeah I’ve had several bug reports for a few of a master levels. I can fix it, but it’ll be hard to push updates after it’s fixed. Sorry.

  5. Bob

    I love the music on Scramball2 – sometimes I listed to it when I am not playing the game!
    Can you tell me who created it and if I can listen to other similar tracks?

  6. Hey there. Reasoner – A guy from the Newgrounds audio portal made the music. Extremely talented guy. Sure, If you search him in Newgrounds, you’ll find a load of his tracks!

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