Space is Key


Genre: Action,other.

Status: Completed, Primary Sponsorship by Armorgames, widely available.


Space is Key is a one button game. You guessed it, using the space bar!

Using the space bar, bounce and jump your way through a series of 15 levels. Increasing in difficulty with upgrades. Can you do it?


  • 15 levels.
  • Each level has a totally different colour scheme.
  • Pixel perfect collision with a lovely pixel particle engine.
  • 3 modes on your block. Normal, speedy and jump. With levels designed to suit each.


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14 Comments so far

  1. ty
    23 Mar 11

    whats the music called?

  2. Greencore42
    31 Mar 11

    the music is brilliant. were can i get it!

  3. 501idiot
    01 Apr 11

    can we download? in any case, SUCH a good game.

  4. Jan
    03 Apr 11

    Yeah, misic is amazing, what is it?

  5. kaleb
    17 Apr 11

    ya the music i loved it

  6. tiler
    08 May 11

    i love this game it is challenging but fun!!! i have tried and tried again and have gotte really close but i still cannot beat the score of 202!!!!!! and its funy to me cause all the scores i get and like the same # at the and and front like 686 or 535 or somthing like that, anyway.. i recomend this game to anyone who has the patients. thank you chris jeff!!!!!!!!!

  7. sean
    15 Jun 11

    i died 1057 times

  8. Arthur
    09 Jul 11

    Oh,hi all there. “Space is Key” is an EXCELLENT pixelart game I’ve ever found.Pixelart…OK,pixelated.There’s a 1-man studio “WoblyWare” with pixelated games(there’s 7),but…they’re all CRAPPY(They have chiptunes(the very start of the music in…I’ve even found a 1X1 pixel game somewhere on the way,I’m 12 because my BD was yesterday(8 july 2011).Also,Chris Jeff,where can I access previous versions of S.I.K.?Or are they too crappy?Anyway,THANKS FOR MAKING “SPACE IS KEY”!!!! *P.S.*My highscore is 232

  9. Daniela
    20 Jul 11

    i went crazy!

  10. Alec N.
    03 Dec 11

    Hello, Space is Key is an excellent game I found in My minimum deaths is 263. Bleah! I can do better than that!

  11. SPACE IS KEY !
    26 Mar 12

    wooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooohoooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo best game ever its awesome! ok i better get 2 playing space is key 2 now bye:):):):):):)

  12. Jaide
    10 Apr 12

    such a good game :) 290 deaths..

  13. BRK
    03 Jan 14

    I really liked the music, and I spent a long time trying to beat my scores. My high score is 132 deaths, I really hope that I will improve when I find time to play more! But for now, I have to write an essay that I put off while playing Space Is Key.

  14. Chris
    03 Jan 14

    That’s awesome to hear! Thanks! Yeah get that essay done and Space is Key later! ;)

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