Genre: Action,other.

Status: Completed, Primary Sponsorship by Armorgames, widely available.


You wanted more, now you’ve got it!

Space is Key is back for some more pixel exploding madness! Repair your space bar, as it’s going to be a bumpy ride!

Once you’re done jumping through the original 20 levels, why not throw yourself in the deep end with 10 levels in challenge mode?!

But remember, Space is Key.


  • 30 completely new levels.
  • Each level has a totally different colour scheme.
  • Pixel perfect collision with a lovely pixel particle engine.
  • 3 modes on your block. Normal, speedy and jump. With levels designed to suit each.
  • Challenge mode – for the best of the best! 10 tough levels to chew on.
  • Ability to tweet scores and post to facebook.


JayIsGames –

Flash Mush –


  1. Ducko

    Am I the only one that starts playing, gets CONGRATULATIONS! and then beats the game without doing any levels? I’m thinking “trololol….?”

  2. ninjaboy226

    Yeah, sorry to tell you Criss, the game is broken, and won’t let you pass level 1 on both websties, either that, or its a troll.

  3. Franko

    Nice trolling Criss, nice trolling indeed.

  4. mattie

    I got 1600 deaths on Space is Key and 1582 deaths on Space is Key 2.

  5. forrest

    I am Bob (not really) Bob Died Many Times

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