2014 Flash Games Market Survey!

During the past year, the flash game market has witnessed the surge of HTML5 as a significant contender to browser-based games, the rise of Unity’s web player, the corresponding end of Unity’s Export to Flash support, and a rapidly swelling “flash is dead” movement. Many argue that Flash’s competition, at least on the web, has yet to present a comparable replacement, but the downtrend is difficult to deny.

The recent closing of Mochi Media, one of the few significant industry stalwarts of the web-based Flash Games Market, is sure to have a significant impact on both the current market and it’s future. The goal of this survey is to both assess the current status and direction (or change there in) of the market, as well as to continue one of the most important industry contributions that Mochi has made over the past several years: the Flash Game Market Survey.

We have carefully reconstructed this survey from Mochi’s past surveys in order answer the most pressing question plaguing our market today: “What now?”

Our goal is to get at least 1,000 respondents in order to maintain the survey’s statistical relevance and correlation to previous years. So, please forward this survey to as many of your fellow Flash game devs as possible.

The results of this survey will be shared publicly, although we expect the collection period to take a few months in order to reach the needed response level. So, please be patient, and you’ll get all the juicy stats from the survey! In a nice edible form.

So yeah hit it up and share it around <3


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