A bit of reflection. Then and now!

I’m not really sure why this was brought on but I was talking to Rob from Miniclip earlier today and ‘Heli attack’ was mentioned. Somehow this triggered feelings. REAL FEELINGS!

So Heli Attack was a game I played a lot in School and people who I went to school with know this too ’cause they played the hell out of this game as well!

This game literally dominated PC usage time when I was in school.

This game literally dominated PC usage time when I was in school.

Thinking back during school (From about 12-15 I’d reckon) I used to play flash games during ICT instead of doing work, or when I’d finish. Heck, if the teacher let us on computers during a lesson, it’s guarenteed some games would be loaded up and minimised when the teacher checked up on us.

What’s completely insane to me is, I never in a million years thought I’d be in the position I am in now which is pretty much developing games for the front pages of websites I used to frequent when I was a kid!

So yeah, it really got me thinking back to kind of how lucky I feel to have fell in this industry really and it proves that if you put everything you have in to something and run with it,  you can do anything.

With all them feels floating around I’d just like to give a nod to anyone I’ve worked with and to people who I’ll eventually work with and most of all, you guys who’ve backed my projects and played them to death! :)

Now have a goofy picture of Sushi cat and me!


Expanding on this a little bit more after some Facebook discussions. Someone I know from the Paintball industry (I play tournament Paintball too) told me when he was in school he used to destroy and break things belonging the teaching (What a git! haha) so the teacher would be confused to why it works. Irony has him in the position where he’s a tech for a Paintball firm, he fixes things…

It’s pretty funny how whether you like it or not, School is going to shape you into what you are, even when you didn’t mean it to! Most clever hackers who hack NSA/FBI end up working for a company to help them better their security and what not.

I’m not sure where this leads but it’s definitely a pretty interesting topic like! Care to add anything?

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