A cheeky face lift!


The site was feeling a little unloved so I decided to give it a little face lift!

What I’ve changed:

  • New promotional image slider taking top space. This will be to promote things I’ve recently released – full width too!
  • Moved portfolio up the page instead of being down the bottom & also brought recent blog posts down just below that.
  • Added a new “my story” just to explain a little bit of who I am and what I do if you don’t know me. Thought this was a tasty personal touch there!
  • Added a instagram feed – you’ll be able to see loads of derpy pictures of me at events or maybe from games I’m currently working. I’ll keep this updated! So follow me on Instagram too – it’s ChrisJeffGames.
  • Neatened up the footer a little, added my full logo and made social buttons a little nicer.

Slide the little slidey thing around to see what’s new. It’s quite cool! Some things you can’t see as they’re on other pages but it gives you an idea of front page layout.

That’s it. No more waffle from me. Crazy busy at the moment too – it’s all good as it’s funding projects but I’ll get some up to date news on what I’m working on soon. I always say this…

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