All the best for 2014!

All the best for 2014 everyone and anyone who has supported me this year :)

That’s fans, I’d like to thank you for supporting me by playing my games, buying them and giving me feedback whether it’s nice or whether you say I make crap stuff, it doesn’t matter, all the best!

Sponsors, everyone I’ve worked with this year from Armor Games, Nickelodeon Addicting Games, Miniclip. You guys rock! And also any sponsor I may not have worked with but will be in 2014.

This year has been awesome! Seriously! I’ve launched games,  attended FGS/GDC in San Francisco,  got to meet up with friends I’ve never met before in the industry, made new friends in the industry, launched a podcast with my two pals Jimp & Jay Armstrong (Super Indie Pals), Had Space is Key showcased at PAX Prime with Playvue, organised Mochi London with Mochimedia and had three months of super horrible pain which resulted in surgery. Sounds pretty hectic to me and everything in between, it really has been a blast and I still don’t regret leaving my full time job now nearly two years ago to do this full time!

As usual (I wouldn’t be me without saying this) I’ve got a tonne of amazing things for 2014 and it’s really going to be a blast!

So yeah! All the best in 2014 everyone and I hope you had a great Christmas :)


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