Ho ho ho!

I hope everyone is gearing up for an amazing Christmas! And I’d like to wish all of you a brilliant Christmas! 2011 has been really great for me with Space is Key and working on Platcore, Mochi London, everything else in between and mostly going full time indie half way through the year!

I’m looking forward to chilling out with the family, and also to 2012! Really looking forward to the release of Platcore! I’ve also got Space is Key 2 planned, as well as a big update for the iOS version of Space is Key too! So watch out for those, I’ll also be picking up the sticks on Scramball World again, which I’m really excited to dig my teeth back into. And also a few other projects planned for 2012 which I’m really excited to begin on!

I actually saved a handful of iOS Space is Key promo codes, and was going to give them out today! However I ended up donating them to IGG Marathon who used them in a raffle, and ended up raising nearly $7k for Childs Play, which is awesome! So yeah, I’ve sadly not got anything to give away due to the kind part of me! But don’t worry, the free update for Space is Key will surely make up for it. Right?!

Have a great Christmas and New Year!

Lots of Love, from me! :)


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