I now declare this new site…open!


It’s here! The new Chris-Jeff.com, let’s call it Jeff v3. I thought I’d clean it up a bit as to be honest, we’ve had the same page since 2009 and it was getting a bit bulky and an eye sore. I got in a few cleaners – Betty and Dorris and they did a swanky job and brushing around and cleaning up the place! They did an alright job don’t you think?

What’s new?!

How about, what isn’t new?! We’ve got everything new pretty much!

Front page – This is where a lot of the face lift happened, right on the front! I’ve cleaned up the blog to move it to it’s own page which completely free’d up the whole page! I’m now displaying featured images for the blog posts, ads for premium games I’ve released (Currently Space is Key mobile!) & also displaying any new projects I’m working on and announced at the bottom of the page! I’ve left room at the top under my welcome to be able to throw another ad for anything I’ve released too and it looks super clean still! I put in “HI, I’M CHRIS AND I MAKE GAMES AND STUFF.” as placeholder and kinda just left it there, it does no harm and kinda sums me up anyway.

Portfolio – Made a much nicer place for hosting all my games, whether they’re released or working on them. If they’ve been announced or launched, they’re in there! The old one was a side bar and a bit crappy for 2015. Needed a face lift!

Business section – I get a lot of emails from different companies which means other people than fans come on here. I thought it’d be nice and easy to host my Press Kit there and have a client page for them to have a cheeky peeky at, keeps everything in one place.

Blog – Blog has pretty much stayed the same but I’ve decided to move it over to it’s own page and actually not host the bulk of it on the front page. I chose this as my Jeff v2 was mainly a blog with everything else attached, I want this to be a site specifically for my works, with a blog attached. Nowadays I don’t blog as much so I feel primarily having a blog feels a bit of a waste since I’m a slacker! New blog posts, with a nifty little picture are updated on the front page though so don’t fret!

So that’s the intro to the new Jeff v3. As for games (Which really, that’s why you’re here). I’ve got some announcements to make soon – but I can say 100% of my time at the moment is on new mobile IP.


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  1. Adam

    Just fully played through Space Is Key and nice work! Awesome game!

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