Laptop broke = no work done

I’ve had a few weeks outage in development. About 2 weeks ago my laptop completely died, the screen has came off it!

However, I’ve ordered a shiny new laptop, but It’s going to be made and delivered in around 2 weeks!

Alienware M15X All Powerful

Quite a bit of time to wait, I know, But it’s going to be worth it! It’s a lovely Alienware M15X. I figured, why settle for mid-table laptops that are going to break and be outdated in a short time. So I unleashed the money and splashed a little bit!


  1. Andreas

    Hello.Jeff i want to ask you about a song.
    It’s the first one of the Scramball flash game.The music is by Reasoner.
    This song has a name?If not can you sent it to my email?Or can i download it from somewhere?It’s amazing!

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