Mochi London and!

Mochi London 2012 is this week! I can’t freaking wait! If any of you guys are headed there, do come and say hi, don’t be shy :)

When I’m back next week I’ll also follow up with a round up of the event, y’know, as I did last year. All in good fun!

So this year is a bit different too. Jay Armstrong will be speaking! To be honest, I don’t do much public speaking, I don’t think Jay does either. But it’s going to be pretty cool! Our presentation is called ‘So who are you trying to impress?’ and we’re really focusing on our experiences with ‘They Took Her’ and what we learned from it all.


So… Who are you trying to impress?


In other, pretty awesome news! Space is Key now has a website. It’s been long due to be honest, as I’ve always had plans to port it over to other platforms. But it looks like this may be happening sooner than I thought! I’ll update you guys as I go along, y’know I always do :) CHEQUE EET OUT! SpaceIsKeyDotCom

FINALLY! Space is Key now has a site, thanks to a good friend Dean Murphy!


  1. Do you know if there will be recordings of the presentations online?

  2. Just got back from London! So yeah – Colin and Steve from Mochi recorded some amateur footage. If the footage is good, we’ll edit it and throw it up with the postmortem I’ll do in a week or so and also with all of the slides of the day!

  3. Hi Jeff, any updates on the videos? Really wanting to see the action I missed :)

  4. I’ve been super busy the last few weeks and I’ve only been finalising the write-up. We’re still waiting for all the videos to be pulled from cameras and iPads but it really shouldn’t be too long! :)

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