Motivation from the Masses

Okay guys. So Adobe were asking Indie developers to post an article on what motivates you so I thought I’d keep things really simple, and give it a shot!

I can honestly say that as a game developer – The single and most powerful motivation aspect for me is after the whole development period of sitting a few feet away from your project for months, watching it grow and transform all the time, has definitely got to be release of the project into the wild.
I mean, just getting the feedback from people who thoroughly enjoy your game. Hearing about how inspired people become from what you’ve been working on, and even just that 10 minutes of enjoyment you bring to someone’s day really makes it all worthwhile I’d say!
Nothing better than a email or a tweet from someone who truly appreciates what you’ve done! Priceless I’d say.
So yeah, it’s all you guys that drive me! Without the comments, the emails, the tweets, the messages. I wouldn’t get the feedback and inspiration to keep on gunning for it. Heck, you’s made me quit my job and do this full-time anyway with showing me what I can do so yeah, thanks to every single one of you who reads this posts, every sent me a message/email and played games I’ve developed!

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