Space is Key goes live!



Folks! It’s time. Space is Key has finally gone live! Armorgames are the sponsor for this game, so a big thanks to them for their support and interest in the game.

Head over to Armorgames and get jumping!

It doesn’t have highscores at present however the mochi version will have highscores for you guys to compete in! So in the mean time, post them up here or at my facebook page and see how good you really are šŸ˜‰

I get around 250 but I guess it doesn’t count as I’ve had to play it a lot!

Anyway head over to Armorgames and get jumping!


  1. Silencia

    Hi, I played the game Space Is Key and i died 939 times i feel i did a great job! šŸ˜›

  2. Bert

    hey, i like the music in the game. can i get it on mp3 anywhere?!?

  3. mitch

    I got 1088 the first time and 479 the second time…great game, excellent music.

  4. mooou

    hey the music is so coool can i get it anywhere?

  5. Alec

    Sick game. Any way to get the music?

  6. I seriously thought the game wouldn’t be over at level 15, because I was around 350 deaths. After the last level it was 451 šŸ˜›

    Thanks for the musiclink Alec!

  7. RedPyramidThing

    Fun game – 548 my first attempt. Someone I showed it to commented that he couldn’t get past the level with the steps because he was colorblind, though. Maybe you could make a colorblind version.

  8. Mitchell

    level 10 – 600 deaths
    level 12 – 153 deaths
    level 14 – 145 deaths
    level 15 – 12 deaths

  9. Andreas

    Is the 1 death real ?

    I got 41 deaths as my record, i would think that i can push it to 20 deaths with some more tries. BUT 1 ???

  10. jtm

    311 my record played it like 4 times, that music is my official themesong lol

  11. Brabe

    I beat the game in about 30 minutes

  12. Brabe

    still this is an awesome game

  13. Molly

    This game is really hard ive completed it twice but i cant complete it agen i get stuck on level 10 at the very bottom! every time i try to go on youtube to fine a cheat for it there is not such thing of it :( Boo you!!

  14. none

    320 death, fun game

  15. danni

    it wont load but it looks fun

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