Store opening!

I’ve gave it some thought. And decided to open my own little online store. I’ll be designing some T-shirts, Posters and Badges. Don’t want to delve in to any other merchandise, I think that’ll be cool enough!

Basically the idea came across when I was wanting a custom tshirt made with my logo, website and maybe some unique scramball design on. Zazzle seemed like a pretty good option for me to create the T-shirtas they we’re cheap and seemed like really good quality!

However! After signing up, it said I could make a ‘mini store’ where I could also sell my designs. So I thought It’d be a neat idea to give you guys a chance to buy some of the stuff too! I’ve knocked the profit down so I don’t make anything and the prices are at their lowest possible.

The main idea for a custom tshirt was for the visit to Casual Connect Hamburg in February! Can’t wait!

Anyway, the store should be added within the next few days, enjoy!

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