Super Indie Pals



I’m the middle one, the cool one y’know.

I read your mind actually. You’re thinking ‘Chris! But what it is this?!’. Well son, sit down in front of the fire and I’ll tell you all about Super Indie Pals!

So Super Indie Pals is a new Game Development podcast by myself, Jimp and Jay Armstrong. We’re going to rock your ears every month with a ton of blabble, more blabble and a special guest! We’ll be focusing on flash games at the moment but who knows what the future holds!

Also we’ve lined up a good 6 months worth of AMAZING guests – real prominent players in the industry. So I seriously can’t wait to get the ball rolling on this one!

Coming soon, to some ears near you! (Your ears, not someone elses, unless they want to listen – then that’s fine!)

Did I mention, Waterflame is handling the jingle too. I’m probably the most excited about this to be honest!

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