They Took Her

So Mochi have launched a  60-second Gameplay game jam competition. This kinda got me intrigued as I’ve always wanted to develop a game in a small time frame without worrying! So I got in touch with Jay Armstrong (Combat Hero Adventures) with a super enthusiastic pitch telling him we just have to make something! So the whole idea was something untraditional, when people say ’60 seconds of gameplay’, instantly you’re thinking about pushing as much action and madness in to each second as possible! And although that is cool, I wanted to stand out from the crowd to be honest! So I had the idea of an RPG (I know, right!), purely because when it’s mentioned, people think a huge time eating game, and 60 seconds would just be laughable for an RPG. So guess what, we rolled with it!

A zombie getting blasted away, that’s a good title screen. Right?

So the game is called ‘They Took Her’ and it’s concept is super simple. You’re in a zombie infested apocalyptic town, a nuclear strike is imminent. And guess what? You’re daughter just isn’t in the bunker at all. So you venture out in to the carnage to find her! Uncovering secrets things you really didn’t want to along the way!

So basically, the game revolves around a few playthroughs in order to uncover what is going on (by reading notes and pieces of paper), and where your daughter is, and you’re only got 60 seconds to do it all! So being slow, just isn’t an option guys!

I’d love to rant more about it, but to be honest, I’d rather you guys play it when it’s released and see for yourselves.

The streets are pretty empty……. I think

We started the game on 13th June 2012 and will be finished this weekend. But we really haven’t put in full days (Which was our whole idea, get the game done in two full days), so overall, it’s not been a long game to develop at all, just we didn’t have the time to plough everyday in to it!

So Jay handled all the art as what usually happens when I collaborate with people! (I can draw a house without taking the pencil off the paper though ;)) I also got Skybase involved! So I’ve known him a little while, and met him through Alex(NCH), and he’s been involved in Platcore and also Above Average Guy. There’s not much this guy can’t handle to be honest! But he’s doing us a great ambient track for the game and some neat SFX to accompany it all too :)


Every game needs a destroyed, Zombie infested police station in my opinion!


So next on the agenda is to get the game sponsored! We figured since we’ve put more time in than we initially planned, we could get it sponsored and still enter the competition (Which is all good fun and which is pretty much what sparked the idea off!)


  1. Hmm… is it possible to finish it in 60 secs? I always miss few seconds. Although, good game.

  2. Of course it’s possible! You’ve just got to not waste time at all. Thanks! :)

  3. And now they blame me for cheating because in video I get out of bunker at 0:18 and come back at 1:28.


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