You asked for it, now you have it!

Space is Key 2 is now live!


That’s right, you heard it! Space is Key 2 has just gone live over at ArmorGames. If you’re a fan on the series, you should totally replace your space bar and go have some fun! If you haven’t played it, you need to!

It’s brilliant I got to work with Armorgames on the sponsorship again, as they’re really great guys and It’s always a flawless experience!

So what are you waiting for?! What’s your best score?


  1. david

    No matter whether I click “New Game”, “Challenge”, or “Continue”, as soon as I finish the first level, I get to the “Congratulations!” screen. What the hell?

  2. Seth

    Perhaps it’s just me, but…. all I’m getting is the first level, and the game then ends as if I completed it.

  3. Unfortunately the game is broken at the moment. There is only one level to play. Please fix it, because it hurts to see such a low ratings for such a great game. Can’t wait to play a fixed version. I am a big fan of the first part. Good luck!

  4. Phillip

    Hi. I’ve a problem with “Space is Key 2”. When i start the game, it runs normally and afte I beat the first level it says that i’ve beaten the whole game. No matter where i’m going to play it always appears. Any help?

  5. OOO


  6. Love this style of gameplay and loved the original! I know where my day just went.

  7. Steve B

    Good game, again! The bug that only allows the first level to be played seems to have been fixed (an announcement somewhere would have been nice!).

    It’s a pity there’s no pause button though. This would be great for playing for a while as a distraction, then pause while you do some work etc. As it is you sort of have to play the whole thing in one go, unless you’re happy with it sitting in the background accumulating hundreds of deaths.

  8. Hey Steve. There was an announcement actually on Armorgames (Which is where the game was exclusive for the first two weeks when the bug occurred). As for the pause button, I ways I agree it’s nice to be able to just pause and get on with other things, it does really ruin the nature of the game. I think the game really thrives on the idea you’re fully concentrated on the game and not flicking backward and forward. But thanks! :)

  9. Steve B

    Oh I see, to pause it you have to press “quit”, and then when you want to unpause press “continue”. Glad it exists, but could be a bit more obvious!

  10. Steve B

    Ha, you ninja’ed me! Thanks for the reply, and best of luck with the game making.

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