Casino games. Why?

So I’ve got a few friends who develop Casino games for a few of the higher end gambling companies and it got us talking a little bit about the model and how it could be applied to games that’re popular on portals.

In the end it gets me to ask things like ‘Why not just add gambling features in to a flash game?’ as surely that can be successful too as just a slot machine or roulette game. I mean there are tons of games on sites like and they get tons of traffic from players for their games, It’s not unknown that gambling games market is bloody massive but free-to-play games have become a large thing now and people are willing to spend a pound or two or extra content. Why give them a risk, a bit of chance for something even greater. A few pence to spin a wheel with a chance of unlocking new armour/weapons for their character. Just a thought! I mean there are a lot of people out there willing to buy a hat or a new weapon so why not spice it up a bit for users who are willing and allow them to risk their purchase at a game of chance. Then again, this has to be considered when developing and not retrofitted as it’d never work like that I personally think.

We’ve had a few talks over the last few days and it really doesn’t seem to be as easy as that though. There are a lot of laws and odd things really shrouding the concept of gambling in the UK that it probably wouldn’t be possible for someone like you or I to do as easy as that.

Just wondering, what’s your thoughts on the topic? If any! Throw something in the comments :)

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