Adoring fan

For the first time in a fair few months, I decided to go on FGL chat to see if any developers are on that I used to talk to back in my active days on FGL.

Only to be suprised by this chat (I’ll replace his name, in case he doesn’t want publicity):

[Guy] any chance your a programmer?
[Chris.J] I am
[Guy] omg
[Chris.J] What?
[Guy] Your roayalty
[Guy] You made scram ball
[Chris.J] Yeah I did
Guy bows down
[Guy] Brilliant Game dude, 10/10
[Chris.J] Ha, thanks a lot. Means a lot.
[Guy] Pure Orginality
[Guy] The UK is lucky to have folks like you
[Chris.J] Thanks
[Chris.J] But yeah, I'm a programmer
[Guy] dont errr, suppose your looking for anotehr artist?
[Guy] xD loooong shot
[Chris.J] Depends on what you can do, I might add you to my contacts for later projects
[Chris.J] Got a portfolio?
[Guy] well
[Guy] i have a portfolio design which alot of people like haha
[Guy] erm
[Guy] 0my portfolio is somewhat "small"
[Guy] *His portfolio*
[Guy] read the info too
[Chris.J] I'll have a look over it, cheers

I’m pretty amazed by it. Got me smiling all day, It’s nice to get a message and compliments like that.  =]

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