Baku The Dream Eater was developed in around 3 days for the Nitrome 2014 Game Jam.

We actually slipped just out of 3rd place with this game with a 5 star rating still so we’re super proud of how it turned out for such a small game. I blogged more on the development of this game, so if you’re interested check that out!

Genre: Action,RPG.

Status: Unavailable apart from on Nitrome & this site.



You play as young Baku, a dream eater. Navigate your way around a house at midnight to find dreams and try not to make too much noise and get caught!


  • Beautiful vector art (I didn’t do it, so I can say that!) by NCH.
  • A lovely soundtrack (Also didn’t do this so I’m allowed) composed by Skybase.
  • A full house to explore and make a tonne of noise in.