Setting the scene

You’re sat watching TV, lifting some weights (as everyone does, right?). All of a sudden your TV grows a pair of ghoulish arms (Bare with me here) and lunges toward you! You do what anyone in this situation would do and throw that TV out the window – jumping after it!

You take the streets fighting wave upon wave of possessed electronics. Ranging from the top of wave toaster oven to a fridge!

Pick from three of the shops on the street. The upgrade shop – Full of juicy upgrades to keep your character on top of his game. The pet shop – Who doesn’t want a furry companion to help you out? I recommend the bull, he’s cool. Or even hit the consumable shop and buy some mines or even sentry guns to throw down in the street. That’ll show those fridges…

How’s development going?

Currently – 16th April 2013. I’m pretty much done actually! I’m running through the game a ton and balancing it all out, making sure everything is fair and nothing costs too much etc.

I’m honestly thinking if I nail that this week, I’ll give myself a week to polish and it could be fully finished and ready for sponsors eyes this month. I hope! :)

Here, have some pictures. I know you’ve wanted them anyway.


This is your hero. He’s a right dude isn’t he! Don’t want to get him angry to be honest…


The streets! Lots of things around to ruin this fridge.


Uhm, did someone order a fridge?


This is how it all begins!